All Because Of My Lap-Band AP System. Caitin VanZandt’s Weight Loss.

Caitlin VanZandt is an actress on the show "Guiding Light," I have never seen the show, but I was surprised to read that they had a slightly plus size actress on the soap.  She had a gastric band surgery and has lost nearly all of her excess weight.

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Video Source: ET Online

"Not only because I can fit into fabulous clothes now."

"You're still yourself, you're not manipulated in any way."

Well, whatever, she's amazing gorgeous ANYWAY, and a 200/210 pound 5 foot 8 woman having a Lap-Band seems drastic to me?  Am I off my rocker?  Maybe.   Who's to say?  Although, she states that she was 'over 200' – I don't know how much over that is, there's no number.

It also seemed odd to me that she refers to her surgery as "My Lap Band AP!" I hit the Google, she's a spokesperson for LapBand. Here are her "journal" videos.

I am happy she's so successful and content, regardless! 

Here's a snippet of an interview with

Fitz: What drove you to surgery instead of exercise and good eating habits for weight loss?

Caitlin: You know, I'd been overweight since I was
10 years old and believe me, I have tried every method of weight loss
around. Even though I knew how to eat right and exercise, I just
couldn't control what I was eating. I was aware that I was eating bad
things, but I just couldn't stop myself. I was an emotional eater. I
also avoided the doctor because, rightfully so, he'd always give me a
hard time. Last year, when I went in for my physical, he told me my
cholesterol was sky high, and I was prediabetic. He offered up one more
diet before he would put me on the drug Lipitor for high cholesterol. I
was 22 years old, and I did not want to be on cholesterol medicine.
When that last diet didn't work, we decided LAP-band surgery would be
my best option. Trust me, I never thought I'd be one of those weight
loss surgery people!

Here is her before commercial, video:

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