And she disappears.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
― Ansel Adams

A blizzard came.

*I would insert the photos here, but apparently I can't get them to upload without internet! > – <I suppose you could ignore my quote and please to pretend there are photos of two feet of snow here with cute kids and whatnot.*

We lost power for four (or five?) days and there was no school on Friday, Monday and Tuesday with a delayed opening today. There are still houses without power in our area. My bedroom was 39 degrees at times, and we had to evacuate for a while. This also means that we lost water, toilet flushing and all basic necessities because it's that awesome here. You must laugh, because otherwise you would cry.


We lost all of our frozen food, and most of our refrigerated items, even after putting them out in the snow. After three trips out for food, we realized that there was no food to be found in most grocery stores and sort of gave up. Next week will be better as stores are restocked. The shelves were empty as we tried to find fresh and frozen foods — I posted photos to Facebook — most of the stuff was being damaged out as we were trying to find stuff to buy.

Only in Massachusetts would the temperature go from 8 degrees to 45 degrees in one day and from two feet of snow to no evidence of a storm. One would never know there was a blizzard here — other than the trees torn up everywhere, the glass-backed basketball net ripped off my garage, the wires down, the Wal-Mart parking lots filled with tree company trucks and the massive greying snow piles in the school and mall lots.
We have no home phone service, cable and no internet — as many/most in our town don't as well.
Our "service call" with our internet provider is pending for the end of February. "Super!"
It's particularly awesome when you are an online college student and work On The Internet. (Yes, I'm working on getting an extension.)

On a somber note: we lost an elderly family member during the storm. Finding a working internet connection to email the obituary over — was quite a process. I can only imagine this poor soul watching over us and laughing at our trying to scramble to get his arrangements together with a funeral home that has no lights. (Yes, he would laugh, and they promised the lights would be on by tomorrow.)

P.S. This is my payback for whining about my $500 electric bill, I know.  :/  (Attempt four at posting, and GO.)

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