Another day, another love fest.

"But, it's not your job to scare the hell out of them with minute rareties of suicide, and RH, and seizures, and gosh knows what else."

This is part of a reply to the article I re-posted from Reuters about WLS and Suicide. 

First, was:

"Oh, yay, let's post something else to scare the newbies! "

I must've misread my job description.  I thought it was my job to scare the fat right out of you.  I mean, that's what people have been saying for years to me.  "We don't want to turn out like, like, you!" (That is, of course, because I am a leper.)

And, for what it's worth?  If I wanted to SCARE anyone, I would try a lot harder.  My mere presence in the WLS community is scary enough.

"I do feel the poster has a way of intentionally posting things just to scare newbies. This is just one of many I have come across that are pretty obviously suggestive.  It's one thing to inform, but it's another to repeatedly…well, I am not going to get into that, I am a nicer person than this, and I don't go on these boards to cause friction, or to view extremely negative posts."

If I stopped ONE person from thinking there was something inherently wrong with THEM since they feel bad post WLS, particularly when they didn't feel bad PRE-WLS?  I did the right thing by posting that article.

However the bigger picture is KNOWLEDGE and PREPARATION.  If you KNEW the possiblities of what might happen to you — and knew how to prepare, react and treat, and that you're not alone — aren't you a million times better off?

I will continue to do whatever it is that I do, and if it scares you, I am doing it right.

Fuck off.




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