Pure Whey Protein Isolate Powders from All The Whey + A Bad Girl Protein?

I have not sampled the All The Whey line – but – I will get my paws on it soon!  The flavors intrigue me, starting with an Unflavored variety and, flavors like: Peanut Butter, Cinnamon Bun, Chocolate Mint,  (AND ESPRESSO!) etc., and the price, which is less than ONE HALF of the price of a Very Similar Product Line. They also have a "Bariatric Whey Protein Isolate…" which is interesting…



And yes, we could TOTALLY make us a hot pink labeled Bariatric Bad Girl Protein. Photo-14 


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BTV Came to COSTA MESA! Check it OUT! “Melting Mama, The Biggest Freak Of Us All.”

Picture 24
Let's just say, that I added this (the first) video before I watched it or even noticed the ones below it.  Now, I watched them.  OMG.  :x  Thanks for the plug, guys.  I'm a little embarrassed.

From BTV –

"Over the next couple days we’ll be uploading segments that we filmed at the Costa Mesa California Obesity Help conference.
We have interviews with some patients as well as product vendors that were on site. In addition we talked with a couple plastic surgeons and a rep from Obesity Help to give us the low down on what to expect from an OH Convention.
We also have a quick interview with the CEO of the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America about this grass roots non profit that’s helping those in need of surgery achieve their dream.
So keep checking back in over the weekend for more shows.

OMG –  Here's Teresa, Myself and Andrea..

Why Do We CRAVE Caffeine? Huh? HUH?


…A new study suggests that coffee doesn't really give us caffeine fiends the jolt we think it does – it just returns us to a normal state of alertness after a night of withdrawal.

So why do some people become drawn to caffeine in the first place, and others never touch the stuff?

"One can speculate, people who may be suffering some symptoms of depression may be more attracted to caffeine because of its mild stimulant," Dr. Petros Levounis, director of the Addiction Institute of New York, told Shots.

The study appears in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology -

Caffeine, a widely consumed adenosine A1 and A2A receptor antagonist, is valued as a psychostimulant, but it is also anxiogenic. An association between a variant within the ADORA2A gene (rs5751876) and caffeine-induced anxiety has been reported for individuals who habitually consume little caffeine. 

This study investigated whether this single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) might also affect habitual caffeine intake, and whether habitual intake might moderate the anxiogenic effect of caffeine. 

Participants were 162 non-/low (NL) and 217 medium/high (MH) caffeine consumers. In a randomized, double-blind, parallel groups design they rated anxiety, alertness, and headache before and after 100mg caffeine and again after another 150mg caffeine given 90min later, or after placebo on both occasions. 

Caffeine intake was prohibited for 16h before the first dose of caffeine/placebo. 

Results showed greater susceptibility to caffeine-induced anxiety, but not lower habitual caffeine intake (indeed coffee intake was higher), in the rs5751876 TT genotype group, and a reduced anxiety response in MH vs NL participants irrespective of genotype. 

Apart from the almost completely linked ADORA2A SNP rs3761422, no other of eight ADORA2A and seven ADORA1 SNPs studied were found to be clearly associated with effects of caffeine on anxiety, alertness, or headache. 

Placebo administration in MH participants decreased alertness and increased headache. Caffeine did not increase alertness in NL participants. 

With frequent consumption, substantial tolerance develops to the anxiogenic effect of caffeine, even in genetically susceptible individuals, but no net benefit for alertness is gained, as caffeine abstinence reduces alertness and consumption merely returns it to baseline.

How to Create and Promote Your Blog – Video

I don't typically blog about blogging, much.

I get a lot of questions from those of you OUT THERE IN THE INTERWEBS who WANT TO BLOG, whether for personal reasons or for your business.  I find it crazy because I haven't got a clue as to what I am doing.  It even wilder when a business asks me for advice, and it happens all the time.

I love this stuff.  I'm a dork.

How to Create and Promote Your Blog — presented by Jason Falls on Vimeo.

"Jason’s big idea: Great blogs stand for something. When it comes to the issues you care about, be bold and be honest — even when it goes against what the other bloggers are saying."

How to pass out!

Eat about 3/4 serving of instant grits.

I thought I would avoid the carbohydrate coma by adding protein and fat, but, it was a big fat fail.  I ate the grits with crumbled bacon bits and light butter at 11am, and had to lay down and was out of it until about 2pm.  

Good times.

Yes, I know better, yes, I have eaten this same food at least 5-10 times before with the same result, but I thought THIS TIME IT WOULD BE DIFFERENT!  THIS TIME!  BACON WOULD MAKE IT ALL BETTER!  HA.  My body says FUCK THE BACON, I WILL SHOW YOU!

Newbies, close your eyes:  Tell me this, I can eat and ENTIRE BLOCK OF RAMEN NOODLES WITH ZERO RAMIFICATIONS?  But, 1/4 cup of GRITS sends me to bed?   I puffy heart love my WLS!