Bariatric Eating – SML – Susan Maria Leach – SCAM?

I am in college studying for a degree in Marketing with the very-distracted-and-backwards method. My husband is earning his Bachelor's in Business Management and Finance.    Yes, we're adults, and yes we are a little late.  

I think that we are getting more of an education by watching businesses screw customers online. 

One of my earlier classes taught me about fraud.  And trickery.  And a little about schemes and scams!

So, I see this in my search terms –

Search Referral:

You read my post about the f-ckery that IS Bariatric  If you haven't, please to do so first.

Some customers are receiving notices that their paid orders  have been officially canceled — with or without asking for them to be canceled.  I also got word that regardless of my order, I would likely "never get it anyway" so to watch for a refund on my American Express.  The refund was processed on 4/26/2012, supposedly.  

It has not hit, nor did I ask for a refund.  I was waiting out the allotted dispute time to simply dispute had I NOT received the products.  It wasn't about my $100.00, $47 of which was EXPRESS SHIPPING from two weeks ago.

Now they are to sit and wait on the funds to be returned.  Given that the orders took so long to process, and did not, how long should customers expect to wait before receiving their money back?


The actual storefront is now closed, and has been for some time.

And, when they were asked directly – When will I be able to get my goods?

  • "‎  When we have our new product lines in we will also have a new location!"


Screen Shot 2012-04-29 at 7.04.57 PM

However, all means of "contact us (errr, you!)" fail the customer.  

If Macy's failed to respond to ME in the typical fashions –

  • Customer service, in person – YOUR STORE IS CLOSED.  (Macy's is open.)
  • Customer service, via telephone – THERE IS NO RESPONSE TO ANY PHONE LINE  (Macy's has 1-800 numbers.)
  • Customer service via email – THERE IS NO OR VERY DELAYED RESPONSE (Macy's would likely not need to go that far, but might follow up this way.)

I would go straight to the top of the food chain.

That is, the highest I could get to GET A RESPONSE.  If it were Macy's?  And Macy's failed to respond to all normal communication methods?  

I would go straight to social media. This method of 2012 crowd source communication works.  The power of a group of consumers is sometimes the only way to get things done.

You pay for a product or service, 

The business fails to provide the product or service.

You complain through appropriate measures, and then you take it upstream.


This is the ONE AND ONLY way that we have recieved ANY RESPONSE — via Facebook — from an employee of Bariatric

This same employee has asked me to direct all comments,, questions or angry rants I recieve — straight to her overflowing in box.  I actually feel bad doing so at this point, as I cannot imagine the level of angry some customers might have.  

So, Susan, you mean to say that you've been taking customer's money (including mine) for months on end, and not shipping countless paid orders since at least January 2012, not fulfilling auto-ships, but you had the cash to front New Product Lines, close your store and move? 

Screen Shot 2012-04-29 at 7.01.32 PM

Time, keeps on slippin' slippin'…

Definition of 'Wire Fraud' –A situation where a person concocts a scheme to defraud or obtain money based on false representation or promises.

Read more:

Questions –

  • Where is my order from TWO WEEKS AGO of IN STOCK PRODUCT?  (I have received several boxes of products from various US locations SINCE my order from your company.)
  • Where are everyones orders?  
  • Where are the refunds?
  • Since the refunds are not immediately processed, where is the money?
  • Why is the store closed?
  • Why is your website broken, apparently also hacked (check your source code) yet the "order" URL functions perfectly?  (Nevermind. I figured it out.)
  • Why do you have a NEW WEBSITE that is half-functioning, but self-branded?
  • Does this have anything to do with your book slated for release later this year?
  • Why are you still offering product that is NOT in stock?
  • Why are you posting on social media and not responding to customer complaints and questions?
  • Why can't you be reached via phone, email or said social media?

Amazingly after this post was up a few hours — some "answers" trickled in on the Facebook Page –

  • " The company had been running for 8 years on a platform that was not built to handle the volumes of people and data. We had to go in and have everything rebuilt rather than repaired. We are in between platforms right now because not everything goes smoothly no matter how simple they tell you it will be. So our old site is gone and the new one is still beta but usable. Here is the link"
  • We are not happy about it either. We repackaged and recreated all of our lines and have not yet reintroduced them. We will announce dates soon along with even more flavors and choices.
    32 minutes ago

Update – My order was wholly CANCELED last night after this post went live.  I did not ask for the order to be canceled.

Please explain.  I have inquired via blog post, email, phone, Facebook, Twitter, American Express, Consumerist and Florida Attorney General.  

Thank you! 

PS.  Here is the first post about Bariatric

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