Because this is how we party – I got drilled for the holidays.

For the holidays — I got dental work.   BEAM.  You know we are PRACTICAL up in here.   You should know I have been putting this off for YEARS.  I needed approximately a cars-worth of work done – and one surgical procedure.  This is going to be a minute of one or two-at-time visits.  

No lie. I had the worst two done a couple weeks ago, and two done yesterday.

Oddly — I noted that my cyclic left eye twitch stopped immediately when the dentist injected me with novocaine. Perhaps novocaine is a cure for my eye twitch (… brain twitch?!) I only mention that because the eye twitching often precludes my seizure activity, to which I say Give Me More Novocaine?  

I remained Numb In Mah Wips for about six hours – and definitely drooled coffee on myself while attempting to sip and shortly thereafter gave up on lunch.

Dental Work = An Awesome Diet Plan.   *Not that I am dieting because I don't.  

I am doing THIS.  This is yesterday's gym time – -900 calorie burn.  


*Except I'm back to normal today – and eating old leftover cold rice because I am in week five (…six?) of no kitchen.  



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