New Campaign Asks, Are You Pouring On The Pounds?

New Campaign Asks New Yorkers if They’re “Pouring On the Pounds”


August 31, 2009
It’s hard to overeat without noticing it. By contrast, soda and other
sugar-sweetened beverages can sneak up on you, adding hundreds of
calories to your diet each day without ever filling you up. In a new
effort to highlight the health impact of sweetened drinks, the Health
Department is confronting New Yorkers with a bold question: Are you
pouring on the pounds? The agency’s new public-awareness campaign,
which includes posters in the subway system and a multilingual Health
Bulletin, goes live today and will run for three months.

At first glance, I like this idea, however I wonder if it will be at all effective towards those who need to be educated on what they're drinking. 

High-calorie drink consumers will either see those signs and say, "So what?  It's my choice."  It's my freedom!

Or temporarily give it thought, and go buy a Mountain Dew ANYWAY.  Tell me not to do something, and what do I do, the exact opposite.

What I think would be more effective?

An ad campaign that is IDENTICAL to one for soda/high cal coffee drinks, but instead of promoting Energy! Fun! and Happiness!  Promote: Diabetes!  Obesity!  Good Times!   Or, like the Frappuccino tag-line, "Bliss In A Bottle," _________ In A Bottle!"  There are so many ways to *go there.

Those anti-smoking ads made YOU watch, didn't they

I think that kind of campaign would get more attention than a public service ad-type with no drama.  "Ooh!  Look, you're pouring on the l-bs!"  So what? 

Or, if you're like me or the millions like me who do this:


Besides, really:

And, BTW, while searching on YouTube for "soda commercials?"  My page delivered this:

Picture 4

Read the rest of the press release here.


The One Where Someone Reviews a Butt Wiping Device: The Comfort Wipe

So I don’t even consider it.  Nothankyou.  It’s a plastic stick that you clean your ass with after defecating.  It cannot be submerged in water for cleaning, and eww.

Disclaimer – this product (or others like it) may be beneficial to those with limited mobility due to obesity, however, I can’t imagine that it helps much at all, and it’s awkward to say the least.  Why don’t we have bidets in the US?

Source:  The Impulsive Buy.


Bacardi Leaves a BAD Taste In the Mouth.

You didn't think this was a product review, did you? If you did, click away. As a gastric bypass post op, this particular product would cause The Drunk, The Sick and The Hypoglycemic STUPID.  And, to excess?  That wicked fun coma!


(click to enlarge)

Via Jezebel

A now defunct promotional site for the targeted to women alcohol-soda drink Bacardi Breezers – says that women need to be more attractive is to find an more unattractive female friend to hang with.  o-O  Please don't be caught sipping this crap.

Updated to add that this was a very-short stint of a campaign that ran in Israel, and it's long gone, however, here's another ad:



This makes my former coffeeslut job look very, very tame.

I think you may agree.  My former employer, vs. this:


Seattle Times

In a short, sheer, baby-doll negligee and coordinated pink panties,
Candice Law is dressed to work at a drive-through espresso stand in
Tukwila, and she is working it.

Customers pull their trucks up to the window, where Law greets each
with an affectionate nickname, blows kisses, and vamps about as she
steams milk for a mocha. "You want whipped cream?" she asks, a sly
smile playing on her pierced lip.

The next customer rolls up, and Law throws a long leg onto the window sill, like an indie-rock ballerina at the barre.

"Do you like my leg warmers?" she asks. "Aren't they hot?"


Because of the times, the economy, I will resist my commentary.  Girls, make those tips while you can.  Save the money.