Convention Save the Date Announcement



Tampa, Fla. – The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is excited to announce the date and location of the 2nd Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention. The Convention will take place August 15 – 18, 2013 in Phoenix at the Arizona Grand Resort & Spa.

Convention Save the Date Announcement

 “We are thrilled to be hosting the 2nd Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention in Phoenix. Our Inaugural Convention was an incredible success as we welcomed hundreds of individuals from throughout the U.S. wanting to learn more about weight and health. As an attendee and Chair of the OAC, I was deeply touched by the cohesiveness and sense of ‘family’ that the Convention offered to all of us. August 15 can’t come soon enough,” said Pam Davis, RN, CBN, BSN.


“If you are overweight or obese, are you pleased with the way that you look?” Fat-Shaming for social change? WHAT?!

This, this will work, SURE!  Shame the people!  Make them feel bad!  We all know what happens when you make someone feel bad about things they already feel bad about!


The party!  The cycle of shame! and  "Varieties of Social Pressure!"

"Our best long-term possibility is to find ways of inducing a majority of the population to do what a minority now already do: working to stay thin in the first place and to lose weight early on if excess weight begins to emerge. That will take social pressure combined with vigorous government action."



Unhappy with the slow pace of public health efforts to curb America’s stubborn obesity epidemic, a prominent bioethicist is proposing a new push for what he says is an “edgier strategy” to promote weight loss: ginning up social stigma.

Daniel Callahan, a senior research scholar and president emeritus of The Hastings Center, put out a new paper this week calling for a renewed emphasis on social pressure against heavy people — what some may call fat-shaming — including public posters that would pose questions like this:

“If you are overweight or obese, are you pleased with the way that you look?”

Full text here - 
Download Obesity Paper  With fancy rounded fonts!

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OAC – Your Weight Matters Magazine – Online – and saving a piece of history


I received my issue, issues (two, because we have two memberships!) of Your Weight Matters Magazine from the Obesity Action Coalition today.  I got a little bit excited because the recap of the National YWM Convention was in there, and yes, that's me up there, OAC Advocate of the Year.  This is my digital-clipping of said event!  
It's all online –  get into it –  to view a full PDF version of this issue, please click here.

Obesity and the Immune System
by Stephanie F. Deivert, RD, LDN, and Mildred K. Fleetwood, PhD
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013 

“Why am I struggling with my weight? I am doing everything right!”
by Walter Medlin, MD, FACS
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013 

2013 – Time to Make Some Noise!
by Chris Gallagher, OAC Policy Consultant
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013 

Dear Doctor – I’ve had bariatric surgery. Will I ever get to normal weight?
by Lloyd Stegemann, MD
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013 

YWM 2012 – A Look back…
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013 

Kid’s Corner – Winter Fitness Fun
by Sarah Muntel, RD
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013 

Deciphering What Really Works for Treating Childhood Obesity
by Eliza Kingsford, MA, LPC
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013 

Obesity and Heartburn: What is the link?
by Nancy Kushner, MSN, RN, and Robert Kushner, MD
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013 

by Audrey Turner
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013 

Set a SMART Resolution for 2013
by Marie A. Spano, MS, RD, CSCS, CSSD
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013

Greek Yogurt – What’s the craze all about?
by Pam Helmlinger, RD, LDN
Volume 8/Issue 2 – Winter 2013

All the weight I didn’t lose

All the weight I didn’t lose - from 

"I am the “after” side of surgery, having lost more than 250 pounds. No one gets this, at least not without an explanation, because I still weigh over 200 pounds, and the weight loss fable is supposed to end when you’re thin, not when you’re merely “an average fat American.”

Yes, some of us do "get it."  

This is a powerful article a friend of mine who happens to be a special kind of "after"  (which is not the kind of " air quotes" that indicate failure, but that she has SHIT TO DEAL WITH and y'all need to stop judging a person at first glance, you know?) posted in my BBGC support group.   Thank you, Sarah.  I GET IT.  Some of us DO.  Rawr.  

Please read it.  Please open your mind to all "afters," and stop the WLS shaming.  


BBGC Meets Al Roker and Forces Him To Sign A Book. <3


(This would have been a super time to try out my brand-new Nikon, so as not to take a iPad shot of a mobile phone photo?)

My good friend Wendy heard that Al Roker had a live book signing near her hometown last night, so like a good Bariatric Bad Girl, she went!  

I didn't see her Facebook message to ME until the moment she was Sitting In the Bookstore With My Name On A Sticky-Note For Mr. Roker To Sign when I realized what was going on.  (This is partly because I am without cell-plan, and only see messages when I am near the computer now.  So, sorry?!)  When I saw this I was like like, "Why is Wendy at a party with resin lawn chairs in January — with a book — wai — wha??"


And then I remembered the proximity of her stalkery locale to New York City (no comment from the peanut gallery) and this happened.


Wendy had a brief opportunity to talk to chat with Mr. Roker about the BBGC Bariatric Bad Girls Club and discussed fundraising we've done with the Obesity Action Coalition.  Thank you, Wendy — and thank you Al!

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 11.49.52 AM

People Magazine – Half Their Size – No Surgery! No Gimmicks – A Rant from a Bariatric Patient.

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 11.49.52 AM

I watched ABC's 20/20 on Friday night as I typically do, and I was half-inspired, refreshed to push forward in my own journey as I continue to press on nearing nine years post gastric bypass surgery and ever so slightly PISSED OFF.  Why?  Read that cover again.  "No SURGERY – No GIMMICKS!"

People Magazine does this every year, much to the chagrin to every surgically altered bariatric patient in the blog-o-sphere.  ABC.  People Magazine.  The show and the magazine, both — FULL OF GIMMICKS, and quite possibly more than one surgery.  "No SURGERY – No GIMMICKS!"

 Except when they're touting Beachbody, "lost the weight Atkins" AND a gastric bypass?    
Why is it celebrated to Lose Weight With Diet Plans like "Beachbody, Visalus and Atkins"   (All three were referred to in the program to at one point in the program … were they sponsors?  Hello, RUBY GETTINGER IS HAWKING the 90-DAY VISALUS CHALLENGE?!?!) but life-saving bariatric
surgery or weight loss surgery — is shunned in the same category?  Diets fail.  That's why they are so lucrative!  You go ON a diet so that you can fail a diet so that you can get on a diet so that you can fail a diet so you can go on a diet.  This is how people become morbidly obese and meet bariatric surgeons.
(Image from Roni's Weigh)

I get it.  Diet companies pay to be on the show and in the magazine.
However, those living with morbid obesity also need to see the opportunity for success, and showing them the success of those who have succeeded with bariatric surgery is not something to be ashamed of.  Clearly SHAME made the woman in the article hide.

It's time to stop calling weight loss surgery a quick-fix, a gimmick or a cheat and give it the respect and attention it deserves.  The individuals who most benefit from having a bariatric procedure can be exposed to it's benefits instead of a constant barrage of useless diet advertisements.
WLS is the ONLY "diet" that has allowed myself, my husband, my mother in law and my sister in law  to live within normal weight ranges for the last 7-9 years.  What say you about your diet?




We'll see this sign up close very soon.

"Documented the painting of 20 little hands for Stop Handgun Violence on the largest horizontal billboard in the country. This project was to honor the 20 children that passed away in Newtown, Connecticut. 

This project was also covered by local Boston news.

Check the links below:

Chris Christie After Barbara Walters Interview – Is his size a DEBATABLE ISSUE?

Is size a debatable issue?

"The ladies of "The View" got into a heated debate on Thursday, after Barbara Walters recently put some rough questions about weight to New Jersey governor Chris Christie."

Hold me.  The topic of obesity and capability makes me twitch.

What’s a Food Industry to Do? Yoni Freedhoff gets UNINVITED from food industry conference

What's a Food Industry to Do?

  • Doctor gets uninvited from food industry conference.   BECAUSE?  Of this video.
  • Here's what he would have said 
  • Dr. Sharma writes —  " Yoni Freedhoff posted a short video on YouTube, which has since gone viral (congratulations my friend!).  The gist of the story (but please check it out for yourself), is that Big Food is preying on kids by promoting unquestionably unhealthy processed foods with deceptive (not to say nonsensical) health claims.  But, as he hastens to point out, this is not the fault of the food industry.  Rather he puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of the politicians and regulators for not creating a level playing field for food producers, that sets clear boundaries to what they can and cannot do to promote their products (especially to kids!)."