What do you do when your voice is gone? Plus being a bully makes your health better, no wonder you look so good.

I have many, many faults.  I know this.  

Yesterday I found myself hockey checked off of a social network for a temporary ban.  Gasp!  Shock!  Horror!  You might think I did something awful to deserve the "jailing" but it sometimes works in reverse on social networks.  When a person outs a wrong or blows the whistle — sometimes THAT PERSON — in this case me gets tossed offline for saying the word.  

My theory about this: is that Facebook is so big, so many users, that it's team of eyeballs that look-over-the-things-that-offend-the-people cannot possibly fathom the Things That Offend Each End User Of It's Free Service.  

Even when someone like me — gets a thinly veiled threat or not at all veiled — and I re-post it — I get the boot.

Hell, I could not even follow it.  All I knew is that someone posted they wanted me in the ground – there was a shovel and salt.  AND I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I DID TO DESERVE IT – aside from my last post.  Which is my TRUTH.  MY.  TRUTH. 

Soon, there were two dozen angry rabid post weight loss surgery patients, (some that were former members of my group, some that I did not know) jumping on a hate filled thread on Facebook — name-calling and wanting me in a hole, too.  Why?  I have the thread.  It may or may not still be going.  I don't know.  It is painful to read.  I was called a bitch, a victim, and worse.

Download For beth aka melting mama

And for attempting to stand up for myself, I am the one in the Facebook slammah.  Facebook's popo clearly can't follow the chain of events and regard my actions as the problem.  The persons whom are actually at fault are publicly posting and GLOATING about their success in getting a person bullied offline.

One is accepting cash donations.  Why?  


So.  Here I am.  In jail.  Eating mush.  Getting violated.

Hey, I suppose I shouldn't knock it too hard, it's free delivered food, free clothes, and a place to sleep, with no kids to bother me – and do I have to pay taxes?  <g>

Might not be a bad idea.  Screw it.

I hope you feel better about yourself today.


  • http://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2014/05/12/adult-health-better-for-bullies-than-their-victims-study
  • Because inflammation is an underlying factor in so many chronic diseases, the fact that people in their early 20s are already showing signs of inflammation is a warning bell, Copeland adds. Using data from the larger study, his team will scrutinize other measures of adversity, such as the stress hormone cortisol, and epigenetic changes in which environmental factors affect the way genes are activated. The scientists will also look for biomarkers of more positive methods than bullying through which kids can increase their confidence and social standing.
  • This is why SO many bullied kids are FAT.  STOP IT.

Make it stop.

Please make me stop doing this. Want to know how?

Hey, don't judge, I don't see you trying.

Make a donation of ANY size to the Walk From Obesity!  We are SO close to goal, please help?  All donations are eligible for prizes from OAC via me.  Thanks!


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That Day I Deleted the BBGC

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 8.38.55 AM

"Hi Beth, I got an email that BBGC changed to secret but the link didn't work and it is no longer on my group list. Do I need to re-signup? Also, why the change? Not that it matters to me, just curious.
Yesterday, this happened.
I should come with a warning label

It's time for a crash-course in Facebook group admininstration, kids!
If you have a large group on Facebook, don't click the "secret" button.  
You. can't. take. it. back. 

My BBGC group had nearly 3,000 members yesterday when we had a blip moment and I decided to make the group "secret" to slow membership for a short time.  Then, I realized, Facebook doesn't allow you to take your group OUT of secret-mode.  
You might ask:
  • "But, why wouldn't you want a secret group, isn't that a good thing?"
  • "Don't you talk about TMI?"
  • "That means my friends/family can't see what I post!"
First — we need people to find us — it's a support group.  What purpose does a support group serve without new members cycling IN and old members helping?  The cycle of WLS support is CONSTANT.  
We're on the internet, nothing is ever private.  Even in a secret group, consider this when posting anything, anywhere, ever.  
Yes, our group happens to be based on weight loss surgery so TMI topics happen in every 4th thread!  
We were always a "closed" group (…until I clicked 'secret') so the only people seeing what is posted in the group were group members.  Your family and Facebook connections won't see your posts about TMI unless they are also in the group.  
The BBGC was never meant to be an exclusive, secret WLS clique.  Because, no.  If you'd like one of THOSE, I can offer suggestions.

Otherwise we wouldn't have 3,000 members from all types of situations.  I apologize for the screw up.  But I do that.  A lot. 
Please find the new link here — 1100 have already made it over!  
Go on – there's a $100 gift certificate up for grabs —  thanks for being kind.
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#YWM2013 #walkfromobesity #gooddoesgood

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Check this out, there are only two teams signed up to "Walk From Obesity" during the #YWM2013 event.

It is the #BBGC and the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) Board Of Directors. 

*stifled giggles*

Where are you?  


Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 7.58.44 PM
Please JOIN us to Walk?

If you can't make it, please consider a very small donation to make a very big difference.  

We've received one donation so far!  Thank you!  And the #BBGC donated $1000.00!  Help us help!

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Do good