When you find me wandering, just remember… return to owner.

The other day I had to confiscate the gaming remotes from the boy, as he was not sharing.  You know he is the king of all things electronic.  I thought I would hide them.  The problem with this method is that my short term memory is not very functional.  If I hide something, I do not remember where I put it, so my coping mechanism is to now put things in easier-to-find! places. 

Before I tell you about the remotes… my daughter had a folder for chorus.  She asked me to "put it in a safe place."  I did not want to DARE lose it, she's in the select chorus, this is a special folder.  If I put it anywhere the baby could get a hold on it, she'd destroy it, so I placed it on their STAIRS, in PLAIN VIEW.  The stairs are COMPLETELY CLEAN, DEVOID OF ALL AND ANYTHING ELSE.  NO CLUTTER.  NOTHING.  Do you think I remembered it was there?  We searched high and low for about a half hour before it dawned on me to look Where I Put It.

(We're going to have to find much better ways to work on this, because this is not working out at all.)

Now, I put the game remotes in a easy-to-find location in the basement near a place I go every single day at least two or three times so I would not forget.  Near the washer and dryer on a shelf. 

Would it only be natural that a copper water pipe above this breaks that night?   Only me.  Only me.

(They still work, however, had I kept my rule, they would not be working, because they'd be drowned by now, I wouldn't have noticed.)

We had a plumber out this morning.  He fixed that pipe, and another, and we're going to need more done soon.  We have hard water, it's corroded the pipes.  (Maybe it's corroding my rashy child who has only gotten worse and worse since bathing here?)