…You Know You’re A Geek When?

I am going to the hospital for EEG monitoring tomorrow morning, potentially for 7-10 days, and last time I did this it was in an ambulance and I did not have a chance to pack a thing.  I sat and watched bad day-time television.  This time, I have my little suitcase ready. 

Last night, we went out to dinner with my parents, and my mother knew that I was amassing reading material, because When Else Will I Be In Bed For A Week With Nothing To Do But READ?  Bob had already done this – last week – he went to the store and came home with an arm load of magazines – probably the ENTIRE woman's health, food and fitness section.  (He tries, I don't buy any of those, EVER.  Also, Cosmo?  Vogue?  I don't think I have ever BOUGHT a Vogue?  Me + Fashion.  HA.)   She gave me a couple of good reading books,  a pile of miso soup makings, including real pastes to make fresh soups, and then I got excited, on the bottom, I find two books about blogging.  Fun!  How exciting!  What a dork I am! 

I wonder which book I will actually open first.  😡


Delurk MFers Delurk. It’s National Delurking Day.

It’s national de-lurking day. I did not know.

So, hi.  Welcome to the blog!  Can I get you a drink?  I blog here, entirely too often.  I know that there’s a small yet steadfast handful of commenters, but I get more traffic that says nothing.  You don’t really have to tell, but it’s nice to know that I am not writing to a gaping black hole sometimes.

I’m stealing my de-lurkish post idea from elsewhere. 

So.  Some of you have been here before, some are brand new.  In either case, most of you don’t ever say a damn word.

Why are you here?  Why are we all here?  How about something simpler?  Um.  I’m stumped.  Just leave a comment.  I won’t bite.  Hard.


And, because I’m in a mood… this is hilarious, how have I not seen this: