FDA panel approves Lap-Band for the not-so-fat.

The FDA panel has approved the use of gastric banding on lower BMI individuals with one co-morbidity of their obesity.  This is HUGE, no pun intended, 'cause the patients aren't really that big.   (A little bigger than your friendly bypassed blogger here.)

I know I am overweight at 165 pounds, however, this still blows my mind a bit. 

It blows my mind that I (just as an example) could potentially qualify for weight loss surgery so very easily. 

I was at a qualifying weight last winter!  I am sure we'd find a co-morbid too! 

We found one the first time around.  I didn't have any known co-morbidities when I had my roux en y gastric bypass surgery in 2004. 

I am torn.  Is this a blessing or a curse?


Graphic from Florida Bariatric Center

OC Register – FDA panel approves Lap-Band for the less fat

The Lap-Band, made by Irvine-based Allergan Inc., is only FDA-approved for people with a body-mass index of 40 or higher, or 35 if they have associated problems like high blood pressure or diabetes. The panel granted Allergan's request for permission to market the device to people with a BMI of 35, or 30 with related problems.

Bethenny Frankel turns inside out and eats “nothing.”

MM is not a fan of the "Housewives" — because I am a 'housewife,' and those women are clearly Not Housewives.

However, this little gem popped out at me via "Life + Style" magazine online about Bethenny Frankel, who squeezed a baby out of her BODY just a few months ago –

How has the best-selling author bounced back so soon?

"There's been no real drastic any thing," Bethenny, who weighs a healthy 118 lbs, tells Life & Style. "I've really been eating, just not like a crazy person." The 5-foot-6 natural-food chef has a new mantra, "Taste everything, eat nothing."

That's also a freaking AWESOME mantra for triggering an eating disorder.  It goes right up there with chew and spit.  WLS crowd — take notes.  O-O

PS.  Wait, she's… a nutritional professional?  Are you kidding me?

Picture 4

Bedbugs in Victoria’s Secret – Check your panties!

Now, will you get that PINK off of your ASS, please? 
Picture 4 

NBC – New York

Victoria's Secret had to close for a few hours this week after a bed bug sighting in the store on Lexington Avenue at 58th Street.

The lingerie retailer released a statement on Friday saying: "As a proactive measure, we tested our Manhattan stores.  When we found small, isolated areas that may have been impacted, we immediately took action to resolve the situation."

Now this follows after several other stores, like Hollister (OMGLIKENOWAY! Like Where Am I Supposed To Shop.  Like, OMG.  I Will Just DIIIIIIE.  <insert my 13 year old sarcasm here>) had issues with the creepy crawlies.  

New York City has a bigger problem with These Kind Of things than other areas, but SERIOUSLY, if you're going to put SOMETHING ON YOUR GENITAL AREA, PLEASE WASH IT FIRST?  What, your genitals? Yeah, THOSE TOO.

People are gross.  I'm not crazy for pre-washing clothing before wearing it, see?


No more teachers, no more books.

It feels like the year just started and it is over. Summer vacation started a few hours ago, and we've already had three complaints of boredom. Two kids are off at sleepovers, and one has a friend over. This will last? One day, and then, complaining will begin. You seriously have NO. IDEA. 

Yes, you would think suggesting that they "go find something to do!" when the whining begins? But it just does not work that way. While I can find "things" for them to do – I empathize because I know how much it SUCKS to be stuck here – since I can't leave either.  (Remember, we're $32.00 from ANYTHING one-way in a taxi, so that quick trip to the PO Box and grocery store?  $64.00 just to get there.)  

Summer sort of snuck up on me.  I've been brain dead, a millionty milligrams of anti seizure meds will do that.  I was supposed to have saved money to sign up the middle kids for camp, like last year, and have them go off to day camp at least for a few weeks of sessions.  I blanked on that.  I should be able to get that arranged for late summer.  I did, however, force the boy into football.  He's not happy, but he did not cry.  :x  We'll see about this.

So, here's to a very. long. summer. with. no. car. 

Myoplex Lite

Consumer Reports Investigates: What’s in your protein drink?

Myoplex Lite

The following is the actual article from Consumer Reports regarding protein drinks that I had posted pieces of the information the other day.  Simply SHARING the information, don't shoot the messenger. – MM

Myoplex Lite

Consumer Reports July 2010 -

EAS Myoplex Original Rich Dark Chocolate and Muscle Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Crème can expose users to elevated levels of heavy metals when they consume three servings a day.

Image: Sarah Ferguson

Sarah Ferguson is a… shopaholic? Also on the cover of WLS Lifestyles magazine.

Image: Sarah Ferguson


Just days ago, a British tabloid reported that Sarah Ferguson was caught on video offering access to her former husband, Prince Andrew, for $724,000. 

Now, she's going to tell her side of the story to Oprah.  

Why?  Today.msnbc says

 “She’s totally broke,” one source told Us Weekly. “Her desperation led to the lack of judgment. What led to her financial situation? She never really made the transition from being a royal to being a civilian, according to the magazine.

“She’s a shopaholic, obsessed with designers like Chanel and Hermès,” the source told Us. “She didn’t know how to stop spending like a royal.”

Which is quite fitting, because I just noticed that she's on the COVER of the latest WLS LIFESTYLES magazine.  Yeah, we get it.  


But I am not a terrorist.

I have decided a non-stop flight is a good thing, because gets the pain job done all in one shot, however, next time I need medication.  

We had a little turbulence.  When the flight attendant announced that it would be about "twenty more minutes of bouncing around, please keep your seatbelts fastened" I almost threw up.  I don't do well with movement, drops, shifts, shaking, anything that messes with my center of gravity.  

I was perfectly FINE until that one SWOOOOSH DROP and my stomach fell out of my ass and I wanted to climb out of the window and fly home on my batwings.  I always look around to see the responses of folks in the plane, to see if I am the only one FREAKING THE FUCK OUT because I do, because I don't need to be restrained and questioned because they think I am a terrorist.

It seemed most people were chill, watching our freebie JetBlue movies, so, it was mostly me.  

I did some labor breathing techniques and eventually the swoosh drops stopped and I didn't want to break a window anymore.  I have never had a panic attack, but that would have very quickly Gone There, and I don't think I ever want to feel a full-on panic.  Ever.

Other times that I have gone on flights, they've been shorter or not direct, and I haven't had to deal with 5 hours and 45 minutes of climbing the walls.  I can't even fathom the anxiety someone with a serious anxiety issue might feel in that situation.  

So, knock my ass out next time.  If I need to be on a long flight, I want to be sedated, at least enough so that I am not giving birth in my very small chair. 

My seat-mate confided that she had taken some drugs, hence she was feeling pretty good while we were watching Alice in Wonderland.  LOL.