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Walk From Obesity Final Update, Team Melting Mama + BBGC Raises $7050 and Awareness!

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The Dallas Walk from Obesity was held in conjunction with the OAC Event, and Team BBGC ROCKED IT with the highest Team Fundraising with over $7050 brought in so far, and I had the highest individual amount also raised.

*PS – You can STILL donate if you missed out!  The donations are still accepted until the end of the year and you will be entered to win prizes!

Thanks to all who donated to the cause this time around, as always.

The OAC needs your voices.


The obesity society salutes Nike’s “find your greatness” campaign

The obesity society salutes Nike's "find your greatness" campaign

Silver Spring, MD – With the entire globe focused on the Olympics, The Obesity Society (TOS) congratulates Nike for their "Find Your Greatness" campaign. The videos show compellingly that sport is an activity for every person, and individual athletic achievement is within the reach of everyone, whatever their starting point.  The campaign demonstrates that whoever we are, when we push ourselves to do the very best that we can, we achieve our own greatness.


MM Takes A Gym Tour And Blogs About It And Suze Orman Slaps Her In The Face

Mr. and I took the kids on a tour of a local gym this morning.

Gasp!  A…gym?  I know, I already heard about it via Facebook…  “No. way. you. did.”  We really did! 

“What’s wrong with you, Beth?!”  

I know.  Two wild and crazy things in the span of one week?  Are you mad?

No, not really.  Not… much?

I realized when we were on the Obesity Help Cruise that I don’t mind exercise — when I’m in a gym.

Why?  Because, I’ve got distractions galore:  via TV, music, and Other People Around Doing The Same Thing.   Certainly the fact that we were staring OUT INTO THE CARIBBEAN helped a little itty bitty, I am sure.  Even walking the track outdoors was no trouble at all.   Again — I was distracted by pretty things.

At home — I rarely follow through with exercise via treadmill because I start zoning out at the wall — and think about Getting Off Of This Thing and … ANYTHING to GET OFF OF THIS THING — HOW ABOUT LAUNDRY?  You said the toilet is clogged?  I’ll be right there!  SQUEE!

And I do.  I’ll make it 15 -20-30 minutes and quit.  But, in the context of a gym where you’re surrounded by folks trying not to quit — it’s easier.  Maybe it’s just me!  (I know it’s not.)  

This means we’ve been tossing around the idea of signing up the whole family for a gym membership.

 As much as I would like to just get up and go early in the morning by my SELF, it will never happen since I am not driving anymore.  We were members of one or two gyms years ago — right after we both had weight loss surgery — but at the time we were living with family for a while and it was easy to take turns going.  Now, not so much.  We would have to go as a group (which can be a big freaking deal…) because there isn’t any swapping off anymore — and we don’t have babysitters.

We would have to go at night or on the weekends — which will end up being whatever teenagers that will GET UP AND GO and somehow wrangling the younger two into a class at the same time.

I pretty much realize that it’s impossible AND totally worth it, simultaneously.  

My ten year old was bouncing off the walls in there:  “I SO want to DO THIS, I could take swimming lessons, and I could do THIS and then we could do THIS!”  My 13 year old didn’t complain, and I saw him eyeing the weights like “I could do this.”  

The frugal MM says it’s a waste of money, because she is all too realistic and know what happens when people buy gym memberships.  And those who buy memberships that can’t really get to the gym more than 1-2 times a week?  Huge waste of disposable income.  Suze Orman would SLAP YOU IN THE FACE.  “Go play outside you morons.”  I know she’d say it.

But as Dr. Phil says, “How’s that working for you?”  

Um.  It’s not.  It never really has.  I have a hard time just getting up and going because my preferred exercise is walking outdoors — and since I have random seizures — I’m fearful of walking alone.

The sometimes Motivated MM knows it’s worthwhile if it GETS US MOVING because moving is the goal, and what matters and who cares if it’s $$$.$$ a month?  And she also saw herself in the full-body mirror without Slimpressions AT THE GYM and wanted to jump on the treadmill immediately.   Then I realize How Motivating It IS — if I came home and posted about all the good things I would do – and the benefits I’d get from working out – and how many potential people might be motivated too?  

PS.  And the bizarrely analytical  MM already did the math and realized that it’s about .88 cents to $1 per day per person in the family for such a membership, and that doesn’t seem like much at ALL, but when she considers that might only be used once a week some weeks — it seems like a lot more — and WHAT IF WE DON’T GO AT ALL?!  Yes, I have to make it worthwhile or I won’t bother.  So there’s that.

Oh, I suppose I should add the cost of the protein shake I HAD TO have on the way out?  That would really… uh… add up.


Hit the slopes on MM – Family Four Pack to Killington Resort, VT

Allow me to live vicariously through you?  Go skiing.  On me and Killington Resort.  A family four-pack of tickets to Killington could be yours!

Killington Resort, known as “The Beast of the East,” is open for the 2011-2012 winter season and ready for skiers and riders! Nestled in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains, Killington’s elevation delivers optimal temperatures for snowfall, whether from Mother Nature or made by 2,000 snow guns across the resort. Terrain is expertly groomed, providing riders of all ability levels a choice of diverse skiing areas, including wide-open or narrow runs, moguls, steeps, and 16 tree skiing areas. Killington also offers multiple terrain parks for snowboarders and freeskiers, as well as off-mountain activities like the all-new, lift served Killington Tubing Park; dog sledding; cross country skiing; snowshoeing; ice skating; and snowmobiling.

To enter for the family four-pack of tickets –

Thanks and good luck!  

Lose the weight AND keep it off?

People can lose weight and keep it off.  It's not just a tag-line.  

Although a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests otherwise. That, weight loss never EVER sticks — that those who diet will fail.  Most of us probably believe that, right?  

Dr. Koven at Boston.com, says that weight loss CAN be maintained, and that there are several reasons people maintain a weight loss.  Three things in particular –

They pay attention. Whether they are keeping food journals, weighing themselves every day, or simply planning meals, their weight loss goals are never far from their minds…ever.

They've found a reason to lose weight that is truly meaningful to them. Whether it's a new sport, a new grandchild, a health scare, or–most powerful–how much better they feel being thinner, they stay mindful of why they wanted to lose weight.

They take the long view. They lose weight slowly, roll with the ups and downs, steer clear of rigid goals and deadlines. They've signed up for a permanent change.

I guess I qualify as a long-term weight loss success.  Although I don't weigh myself every day or take on any obsessive habits about my weight, caloric intake, etc.  I DO PAY ATTENTION.  Every. single. day.  My loss is forefront in my mind ALL the time, with EVERY food choice and EVERY DAY.  I don't 

What say you?  Are YOU maintaining a long-term weight loss?  What of these habits have you picked up on?