Oh. Yes. She. Did.

Hold the Press Releases, Suz!  

How do you go from not paying your taxes, failure to ship orders since 2011, closing your store, foreclosure, shutting down all communication to… THIS?

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Beachbody Shakeology – Part 1

Picture 66I have to talk about it.  I have been approached SIX DIFFERENT TIMES this week about "Shakeology."

On my Facebook page, on Obesity Help, in replies to comments and personal message, and on my blog.  What is up with this surge?  I have not seen this product on TV or advertised online?  (Then again, I don't watch much TV, but I am an avid consumer of all things health-related online.)

It started with an email:

 "Hey check this out, what do you think about the nutrition of this drink?"  

Um, okay?  That was my reaction.  I really did think, well, okay?   Updated – the woman who sent me the link, told me later that she thought I might consider selling the product.

My first impression: It looked like a lower-protein drink with too many carbs for a WLS post op, and a BOAT load of ingredients that you don't normally see in a "meal replacement shake."  

Some of them, intrigued me, I could use a ACAI berry right upside my head right about now.  Perfectly honest reaction – I thought nothing of it!  I did not look further, at the price, or where it came from, mostly because the carbs were higher than I'd particularly choose for this blog —


 And, "Look at my results!"  

Also, the Jaime Lee Curtis reaction is entirely too prevalent online –

"I am pooping for the first time in my life."

I tried to research Shakeology, or at least made a valiant effort!  

Do you know how hard it is to find information about this product?  

There are very few reviews from folks are not actively promoting the product and selling it. Beachbody coaches make $29.75 on each bag of Shakeology sold to the customer.  Super, but I am looking for consumer reviews — I can't find any from ANYONE who IS NOT CURRENTLY SELLING THE PRODUCT or LOOKING TO GET PERSONS IN THEIR DOWNLINE.

What is Shakeology?  It's a Very Expensive Meal Replacement Shake. 

I don't have anything to say about the product in a review capacity because I haven't tried it.

Download ShakeologyCocoa

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One shake a day, for thirty days = $119.00.   =:o

I suppose if I were using the product and magically losing weight and feeling amazing I would share with you "HOW IT CHANGED MY LIIIIIIIIFE!!!" too, but… I am not sure you'd ever believe me if I joined a MLM.  (I have.  Hi Shaklee Lady!  I lasted, a month.  I also made zero money.  Not motivating.)  

Anyone out there TRY Shakeology and not selling it?  Please let me know!  

  • http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/general-diet-plans-questions/169876-shakeology-anyone-2.html

 UPDATE – I got samples, and signed up to sell it.  *down goes the first shake!*