Colonoscopy results (Classy, I am.)


Procedure date     Tissue received     Report Date    Diagnosed by
12/13/2011 12/13/2011 12/20/2011 DR. J. GOLDSMITH/ttl


 Sigmoid polyp, polypectomy:  Fragments of adenoma.

Clinical: Left lower quadrant pain.  Abdominal bloating.

Is one's risk of having colon cancer increased by having had an adenoma?

An individual's risk of colon cancer is approximately double the general population once an adenomatous polyp is found. This individual's risk of developing colon cancer can be significantly reduced by removing the polyp and any future polyps.


Still doesn't explain the pain.  But.  There's this.




Leave it to MM to scare you out of a colonoscopy.

*Please send hate mail to … because someone is BOUND to say it, "MM this only happens to you."  Also — NOTE — colonscopies CAN BE a life-saving procedure, they can find disease… Please get your procedures done.

I got to the hospital right on time, was taken straight back to change into a gown for the test, and waited mostly patiently for my nurse.  I was given an IV of saline, and taken back to the procedure room.


The nurse, Leslie (go figure, I REMEMBER!) gave me the run-down of what was to happen, and I waited for the GI doctor.  He came in, had me sign off on the procedure and away we went.  The nurse gave me medication through my IV —

Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 3.42.30 PM

And the doctor started the colonscopy. 

I felt every bit of it.  While I was slightly sedated, I could feel the scope moving through my system, and the water flushing as well.  I was able to turn and watch the screen, I watched several parts of my intestines flash in front of me.  That kept my mind off the discomfort, a little bit.

I was under the impression that I would be ASLEEP for the procedure, or at least sedated to unawareness, AND have amnesia of the event. 

Non-sedation colonoscopy IS performed, and it's NOT COMFORTABLE, but people do choose this.

During the procedure, I heard the doctor and nurse discussing that I might need a little more medication because I wasn't responding to the initial dose.  At some point I started shivering pretty badly, and I remember them asking if I was cold.  I was, and I was also FEELING the scope INSIDE MY GUT. 

I would assume I got a little bit more medication through the IV.    And, honestly, I think I had just enough sedation that I was unable to verbalize just how uncomfortable I was.  I could only get out basic responses.

The GI found a polyp, and removed it to send to biopsy.  I watched it on the screen, a tool took this little pimply bit and removed it.

I was about to scream, if I could, when the doctor announced he was finished. 

Two medications, and I was awake and aware.  Go me.  What can I do with this skill?






Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 4.17.45 PM

Now will you believe me that I FELT the upper ENDOSCOPY, TOO?   BECAUSE I DID. 

"You can't POSSIBLY."

BUT.  I did.  I do.  I am super-woman.

Anyway – it appears that my lower intestine is "okay," aside from a polyp, it appears healthy so far as I can tell.  I'll hear more when I go back and swallow a camera.  Oo




Fun with Magnesium Citrate!


I have to take all three bottles of the fizzy, bitter goodness for my bowel prep.  Plus as much water as I can float.

"Don't you have any shame?" 


I poured the first one into a glass, added 1/3 packet of Crystal Light and some Splenda.  Almost drinkable.  But not.  I can feel every single bubble, and it feels like I've swallowed baking soda and vinegar as if it unclog a SINK.

I'm a sink.  And.  Oh.

Here we go.  Hold me.


Year of abdominal pain — Hydrogen Breath Testing


Mr took me into Boston today for the Hydrogen Breath testing.  I thought I took to be there super-early, turns out I waited in the wrong part of the GI unit for an hour before realizing it. 

I had to drink a lactulose solution, and puffed into a bag with a syringe on it.  My air was injected into a super cool gas analyzer machine and that's that.

I think I passed — or I failed?  I watched the numbers of the machine during each breath sample collection and I saw an increase in the numbers, however the tech said that she didn't see "much change."   So, bacteria may not be my problem.  Interestingly, the drink triggered more pain.  Thanks!  I don't DO 'OSES for that reason.

322513_284005378310544_105130816198002_837133_1095045421_oSmall Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth Syndrome (SBBOS) or Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) – the patient is either given a challenge dose of glucose, also known as dextrose (75-100 grams), or lactulose (10 grams). A baseline breath sample is collected, and then additional samples are collected at 15 minute or 20 minute intervals for 3–5 hours. Positive diagnosis for a lactulose SIBO breath test – typically positive if the patient produces approximately 20 ppm of hydrogen and/or methane within the first two hours (indicates bacteria in the small intestine), followed by a much larger peak (colonic response). This is also known as a biphasic pattern. Lactulose is not absorbed by the digestive system and can help determine distal end bacterial overgrowth, which means the bacteria are lower in the small intestine. Positive diagnosis for a glucose SIBO breath test – glucose is absorbed by the digestive system so studies have shown it to be harder to diagnose distal end bacterial overgrowth since the glucose typically doesn't reach the colon before being absorbed. An increase of approximately 12 ppm or more in hydrogen and/or methane during the breath test could conclude bacterial overgrowth. Recent study indicates "The role of testing for SIBO in individuals with suspected IBS remains unclear." [2]

The excess hydrogen or methane is assumed to be typically caused by an overgrowth of otherwise normal intestinal bacteria.

Tomorrow is marked with the most exciting of several tests in an attempt to narrow down my year of abdominal pain. This test could show the presence of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth — which is somewhat common in those who've got lower gut issues and also in those who have had gastric bypass or who have had abdominal surgeries.

Bascially — I breathe into a bag every so many minutes for a few hours.  The samples are collected and tested for the presence of excess gases.  'urp. Reading about these tests, and watching test videos and the excessive use of the word METHANE only brings to mind … cows.


If I get a positive result on this test — I am starting a post bariatric energy company.  <sarcasm intended> There are far too many of us with broken guts who could probably power up our own houses with malabsorptive misfirings.

Hydrogen Breath Testing

The hydrogen breath test is used to identify lactose or fructose intolerance, or an abnormal growth of bacteria in the intestine. It is used to diagnose a lactose or fructose intolerance, which is the inability of the body to digest and or absorb lactose, the sugar found in dairy or fructose, the sugar found in a number of foods (fruit, vegetables, soda, etc.). Hydrogen breath testing can also be used to diagnose intestinal bacterial overgrowth. A breath sample will be collected and tested for the presence of hydrogen. To obtain the sample, you will be asked to blow up a balloon-type bag. Normally, very little hydrogen is detected in the breath. You will then be given a lactose, fructose, or lactulose solution to drink. Breath samples are collected every 15 minutes for 2 hours to detect any increase in hydrogen in the breath as the solution is digested. Increased hydrogen breath levels indicate improper digestion. The testing procedure lasts about 3 hours.

Super-fun, but likely the easiest of the tests because nothing goes inside me.  See? 

Next, is the capsule endoscopy. Then, the colonscopy for the holiday. 

Dear Santa, I thought I'd been good…


On the first day of …

Something….the gastroenterologist gave to me… three Super Fun diagnostic tests that I probably needed done 11 months ago.  Okay, so I'll never write songs.  Shut up.

"Why would you ask for this kind of torture?"  (Well, because like one of my favorite commenters haters says, "Melting Mama Has Munchhausen's Syndrome."  Take THAT, keywords.)

Because, at this point? Any. answer. will. do.

Like I told the doctor today: I have forgotten what it feels like to feel good.

I go to bed with this discomfort — and it wakes me up. Every day. Every stinking day.  Even on the best days where I walk all day long and can "forget about it" for a while, it comes back when I am sitting, stopped or in bed.

Even if we get through the testing to find out, you know, it really WAS just a hernia (which has already been confirmed, I have a small hernia near my bellybutton) and/or a bacterial overgrowth problem, or even celiac… Crohn's — something — GOOD!

At least I have an answer instead of THIS. Constant dull pain — constant discomfort — constant reactions to food — that I cannot predict. I can't tell if one stab is related to the digestive distress, I just have no idea. I only know that it hurts every day, and I am quite sick of it. 11 months.

Colonscopy – check.  Capsule endoscopy – check.  Bacterial overgrowth breath test – check.  PS.  Biopsies for extra fun.


"Yay."  Testing starts in two weeks.

Pill #2.

I just took my second third Bentyl pill in-a-row-as-prescribed.  

12 hours of Bentyl'ed intestine.  Do I feel a change?  Not… exactly?

BUT!  Here's to the possibility of my gut pain being JUST irritable bowel or related disease!  I hate to say that it would be a relief to know that it's … all?  It would be.  

Symptoms of IBS include —

Abdominal pain or discomfort for at least 12 weeks out of the previous 12 months. These 12 weeks do not have to be consecutive.  Plus all sorts of other icky things…

I've had pain for about 50 weeks.

I know that IBS has triggers — and that I could work on removing them from my life.  "Goodbye food, goodbye stress, goodbye… GASP!"  

I hadn't started taking it right away, since the prescription was called in to the Pharmacy next to Mr's work, which is not exactly close to home. Even so, they didn't have it in stock, and I only got a few pills while they ship more in, special for me and my broked.

Dicyclomine is used to treat the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Dicyclomine is in a class of medications called anticholinergics. It relieves muscle spasms in the gastrointestinal tract by blocking the activity of a certain natural substance in the body.

The GI is just guessing that my pain is bowel related, because it's where the bowel IS.  This is what I've been saying for a year.  *points to the pain, that's my large intestine, right?*   He says probably, unless something worse shows it's ugly self during further testing that we haven't seen yet.  I told the GI that if this was just a hernia — should I not be carrying my intestines in a sandwich bag by now? One would think  a herniation would be more visible – which leads me to believe it really is just a broken gut fail.  Or not.  But I really don't care — SO LONG AS THE PAIN STOPS NOW!  KTHANX.

PS.  I'm at the bartering stage — I'll trade these tests for a diagnosis and relief —

1. Food/Nutrition/Malabsorption: