“Gastric Bypass And Eatin’ Fried Chicken Again, Yes, Yes You CAN!”

2541169208_87ffc99243_b Every so often I get a keyword search that makes me laugh.  Most often the searches are totally innocent and make sense, sometimes they are absolutely off the wall and random and folks end up on my pages with a confused look on their faces wondering what they searched for that brought them to THIS? 

Lots of times, the searches are misdirected attempts at porn, this makes me giggle, because I know that these idiots are behind the keys, most likely being inappropriate, looking for 'mama lactation xxx' and 'peeing on mama' … they get much, much worse (YOU PEOPLE ARE NASTY!) and I can't believe that someone is actually searching for such bizarre, um, things.

But this morning, this:  gastric bypass will i ever be able to eat fried chicken again?  I laughed.  I don't know why. 

First off, I note that many people form their searches in a question, is this common practice?  I mean, when I hit up The Google, I usually enter a word or four, like "recipe low carb meatloaf," not, "does anybody know how to make a low-carb meatloaf?"  People ask things like:  "Anybody lost weight after regain after the weight loss surgery?," & "Who has had success with Alli the poop pants drug?"… etc.

But.  Fried Chicken.  Yeah.  I wonder if any of the WLS bloggers has a post out there actually titled "Gastric Bypass And Eatin' Fried Chicken Again, Yes, Yes You CAN!"  I guess I will now.

Sure.  You can eat The Fried Chicken.  Actually I had real FRIED chicken last night, well, at least I shredded the skin off and ate that first, because it's the best part, and ate a few bites of the meat, because that's not the best part.  Fried Chicken is one of those foods that I will NEVER, EVER cook, for two reasons, I will not make my house reek of boiling oil.  Ick, ick, ick!  Also, it's not good for you.  So, if we're going to have fried chicken, it's a treat, it's take-out a few times a year, usually when requested by a kid.  (I'm not talking about Kenfucky Fried here.)  

So, yeah, you can have a couple bites, but if you had a DS, you can have more.  😉