Celebrate Bariatric Supplements Chewable Calcium Citrate

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A review of the Celebrate Bariatric Supplements, Calcium Citrate.

This product line of weight loss surgery supplements was new to me, I
clicked a link in an email, and I was taken by overwhelming happiness
graphics at:   Celebrate Bariatric Supplements

you are already here, you know I am not a glitter and rays of sunshine
blowing out of your arse kind of girl, and the photos at the Celebrate
website made me giggle spontaneously, AND enough, to email and ask for vites!


On to the product, Calcium PLUS Chewable Hot Cocoa Flavor!


From Bariatric Times:

Calcium’s main route for absorption is in the small intestine and can
be malabsorbed to a degree in Roux-en-Y patients. The increased risk of
calcium deficiency and bone loss comes from this malabsorption and
decreased intake. Naturally occurring barriers to calcium absorption
include oxalate and phytate in foods, which decrease the
bioavailability of calcium. Caffeine causes an increase in calcium loss
through urine and the gut. Because serum calcium levels are so closely
regulated, any changes will result in either removal from bone or
increased absorption in the gut and more or less excretion in urine.

Therefore, if a RYGB patient’s intake of calcium is inadequate and
absorption is compromised, bone loss can occur. In the chronic absence
of adequate calcium intake metabolic bone disease can present as
osteoporosis, osteomalacia, hyperparathyroidism, or a combination of
these. Other symptoms of deficiency include muscle cramping,
hypotension, and bone pain. Roux-en-Y surgery, as well as other types
of weight loss surgery, have been shown to increase bone turnover and
promote loss of bone mass.10-12 A large amount of weight loss, as well
as individual factors, such as diet, exercise, and peak bone mass
achieved, can also contribute to bone loss. Lab tests used to clearly
identify a calcium deficiency generally include serum calcium, serum
ionized calcium, PTH, vitamin D, and possibly magnesium and serum
protein levels. For treatment of calcium deficiency in RYGB patients,
calcium citrate has been shown to be significantly more bioavailable
than calcium carbonate due to the decrease in stomach HCl needed for
calcium carbonate absorption.13

The general recommendation for
prevention and maintenance is 1,000 to 1,500mg of supplemental calcium
citrate with vitamin D.1 It is best to divide doses into 500mg or less
at one time and should be in a chewable or liquid form initially. Good
dietary sources of calcium include dairy products, fortified soy or
rice milk, fortified juices, and edible fish bones. A recommendation
for maximal intake of calcium for RYGB patients is 2,500mg per day.

These supplements are for everybody:  Gastric Bypass / Sleeve Gastrectomy / Adj. Gastric Band / Duodenal Switch

From Celebrate:

"Great taste, smooth texture (no grit) and the most effective bone
health formulation available in a bariatric supplement – what more can
you ask for?   Celebrate's Calcium PLUS is more than just calcium and
actually offers a complete bone health formulation that delivers 1000
mg or calcium citrate, 800 IU of vitamin D and much more.  To describe
our calcium plus as calcium alone would be an injustice to the health
benefits found in this product – we should call it Calcium Plus, Plus,
Plus.  Here are the key benefits:"

  • Taste/texture – If you are choosing a chewable product, then these
    aspects are very important to you.  Celebrate's Calcium Plus chewable
    will not only provide you the best bone health formulation available in
    a bariatric product, but it will also deliver it in a product that you
    will love.
  • Calcium – Supplemental calcium is critical for every patient
    undergoing surgical weight loss to ensure bone health.  The only
    recommended form is calcium citrate and Celebrate delivers the highest
    level of calcium citrate of any bariatric protocol at 1200 mg per day.
    1000 mg are found in our calcium plus and 200 mg in our multivitamin.
    (Dosages of greater than 600 mg per serving will not be properly
  • Vitamin D – The primary purpose of vitamin D is to aid in
    the absorption of calcium.  With 800 IU found in the daily serving size
    of our Calcium Plus and an additional 800 IU found in our multivitamin,
    Celebrate delivers the highest level of vitamin D available in a
    bariatric protocol.  And since our products are developed by medical
    professionals, you can be sure that these are still well within levels
    safe for a bariatric patient.
  • Magnesium – Also important for bone health, Celebrate has
    the highest level of magnesium available in a calcium supplement in a
    form that is readily absorbed.  Magnesium also plays a key role in
    preventing constipation which can be caused from high calcium intake.
  • Other – Celebrate Calcium plus is the only bariatric calcium
    supplement to includes vitamin K, copper and zinc in the formulation.
    All three of these are important for proper bone health.

The tablets smelled fantastic, I got quite a whiff of pungent cocoa when I first opened the bottle.  The first impression is "Whoa, that's really cocoa-y" and then gives an smooth sweet powdery chocolate flavor, and breaks down in your mouth without any chunks or gritty clumps.  They are supremely easy to eat – in fact I find these – like my other vitamins – a pleasure to eat.  (I have been known to SAVOR my calcium sources, I am an odd duck.  Early post op, those calciums were my DESSERT.)


The calcium citrate levels in this product are at 200% RDA for four chewable tablets per day, which makes it much more likely that it will be taken as directed, because it's chewable and it tastes good.  When you are directed to take pills post weight loss surgery, there is a chance in time you won't, if you have a bad experience with a stuck pill or get lazy.   Again, like I said last time, these are good for the whiny brats in our midst, who "CAN'T TAKE THOSE NASTY VITAMINS" because "THEY MAKE ME PUKE!"  These are good.  Get over it.  Take your vitamins, no matter what.

Chewables offer a way out, and good taste, and the added priceless benefit of the best absorption for your rearranged guts.

  • Available at www.celebratevitamins.com
  • Price $13.95 for a 30 day supply
  • Pros – High levels of calcium, vitamin D, with added magnesium, zinc, copper, K, chewable for better absorption.
  • Rating -Very Pouchworthy.
  • Other MM Celebrate reviews are here and here.

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