Chike Meal Replacement Protein Powder

First I opened up one 1/2 serving sample pack of the Very Vanilla flavor. 

It smelled, very, vanilla.   (Wow.  I am so wordy, yeah?)

The directions stated to mix with four ounces of water and shake.  I couldn't find my shaker cup, so I used my blender.  I dumped the protein powder in the blender with exactly four ounces of water and blended.  The resulting drink was quite thick and creamy.

You can see how thick the shake was just with water:

I drank the 1/2 serving shake on it's own first, it was creamy vanilla, and there was hardly any "protein taste."  My first impression was a light ice cream.  This powder required NO additional flavoring or "doctoring up," which is what I do to many powders that have a distinct protein aftertaste. 

When it was gone, I realized I wanted a full serving, and I might as well make this a MEAL.  Chike is a Meal Replacement.  I took another sample bag, and decided to go for a big shake.  I added another 1/2 serving to the blender, with ice, eight ounces of water and four frozen strawberries. 

Blended, and poured it into my cup, making a huge mess.  The baby came in and demanded "somah dat in my cup?"  We shared.

Mixed like this with NO additional milk or sweeteners, it was AMAZINGLY simple and good.  Sure, I could have just made the "Strawberry" flavor, but I wanted a big shake with ice, it's just my preference.  It's long gone now, the baby drank a sippy cup of "Mama's Ice Ceem"  and I finished mine.  There is no aftertaste or weird mouth-feel.

Nutrition can be found at Chike's website, and here's a blurry screen shot of the PDF:
Picture 1

You could use one, two or three scoops depending on your needs.  I just had two in total, for 28 grams of protein.  Chike does contain carbs and sugar.  1.5 grams per scoop.  I have a sneaking suspicion THAT IS WHY IT TASTES SO GOOD.  Other proteins have sugar too, it's not like this is the only one, however, if you're on super low carb diet, this could potentially add up.  Hardly, though, if you're using it as a total meal replacement.  I am unlikely to follow-through with protein drinks unless they taste good enough to forgo other things, you know?  I like many, I love FEW.  The ones I end up loving – have carbs.  (OR CAFFEINE, just saying.)

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