Dead link zone.

This morning I was sifting through my list-o-links, and noticed that many of them were dead, password protected or just plain gone.  So I deleted the whole damn thing. 

Starting afresh, sort of.

I do wonder what happens to people when they are no longer tracking and journaling the journey, you know?  Do they continue on paper?  Do they stop paying attention?  Do they hit a goal, maintain it forever and move on?  (That would be AWESOME.)  I notice this with "diet blogs," people come and go.  They might be really excited to start a journey of weight loss and then they drop off, have a regain and come back.  Repeatedly.  I realize that personal web logs are typically self-serving.  We write them for ourselves, to motivate, track progress and things of that nature.  But, I do wonder what becomes of those who were REALLY into writing it – and then quit.

I am starting new link lists.  I would like to link to quality pre-post weight loss surgery sites, that have content to begin with.

If you have a suggestion – feel free to send it.  Thanks.

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