Dear Bariatric Eating, Susan Maria Leach, SML, Bariatric,

‎Dear Susan Maria Leach of Bariatric, and Susan M. 


It has been 30 days 7 hours and counting since my order was made!, where is my sh-t?


I paid $47.00 for EXPRESS TWO DAY SHIPPING, for a case of protein and a box of protein bars.

I could be STARVING TO DEATH by now woman!  Look at me, wasting away over here (obvious overt sarcasm, I am actually obese, please see previous post) waiting for your sh-t!  When I am in the hospital with malnutrition, I will send you updates.  Will you send a card?  Will that take a month plus, too?


Love and kisses, 

Melting Mama

PS.  Suppose I should earn back my monies hence the ads in this stupid post –


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