Eight Years Post Op – And I may NEVER QUIT.




Eight years post op

Eight years ago today I had roux en y gastric bypass surgery.   Do not say it.  I already made that clear in my previous post.

Since then it’s been a whirlwind of ups and downs — but mostly — it’s been good.  I often refer to my life as a country song.  Because it is.  

But you know what?  Regardless of the roller coaster of life —

I am still a technical weight loss surgery success story.   I lost the weight.  The end.  It’s sort of true?

I might be hanging on to that by the literal skin of my teeth, BUT, I’m going to claim it until it’s gone. And, if I lose it you better believe I will fix it.  Carnie Wilson ain’t got nothing on me.  I’ve often said that I would have Every Single Bariatric Procedure There Was just so that I’d have first-hand knowledge about it so as to BLOG FOR-EVER and drive my haters insane.  So.  Yes, if the time came, I would revise my surgery.  

This last year (…or two) in the life of a MM has been especially trying.  To be perfectly frank, I am surprised that I did not* –

  • A. Gain 50 pounds or more
  • B. Run away and joined the circus or
  • C.  Start chemical dependency or
  • D. Get put on a semi-permanent mental vacation

I’m not going to rehash all of the yuck of year seven, but needless to say, I am GLAD it’s over.  

Feel free to peruse the archives, as much of it is still published.  If some of it does not seem to connect, it may be that I have deleted bits and pieces.  


There is some bad belly drama, some interweb drama, and a lot of personal/life implosion drama.  

I am pleased to report that things have settled down — oddly enough in almost all areas.   (You might want to knock on wood right NOW.)   It is strange how that happens.  But I will take it.  Life is nowhere near perfect, and I haven’t been writing about much of it because of that, but know that things ARE better.  It’s funny, someone sent me a message a couple months ago — saying that she didn’t think I Had It All Together.  Well, OBVIOUSLY?

 Although, sometimes when things get better in one area — other areas fail.  

     *See ABCD.

And here we ARE — another year down!

Health wise –

The gut pain of the last year plus seems to have subsided or at least is now cyclical.  I can’t pinpoint what it is, but I am willing to bet it’s an irritated bowel issue with constipation that causes pain.  I had some testing done to rule out a major issue – so I am just thankful that it seems to have waned dramatically recently.

My brain is not doing so well.  I’m currently averaging 2-3 seizures every week.  I tend to follow a pattern following a hormonal path.  It seems that I have seizures during ovulation and menses, 2-3 in a single or two days and they stop.  It could be more, but I am only aware of the seizures that are witnessed or that I am symptomatic.   I am making a trip to the neurologist next week to discuss new treatment options because the current treatment is not doing enough.

Where am I weight wise?  

Don’t ask — I’m on a slight upswing — somewhere between 169-173 lbs.  Okay, I weighed in.  I felt bad NOT having a weigh in for this post. 169.  It’s better than I thought, and in the middle of the day.

However it’s my average.  I had one “low” in the last year, when I was living on my own over the summer, I dipped down in the low 160’s for a while.  I have basically maintained in the same range for a very long time.  It’s sort of a non-issue until I go above where I am right now.

The last year was chock-full of fun things.  I got the chance to go to many events –

  • 2011 – Obesity Action Coalition + Ethicon Endosurgery Online Influencer Forum 
  • WLSFA Event, Las Vegas, May 2011 – Vendor – Bariatric Bad Girls Club
  • ASMBS 2011 Orlando
  • Obesity Help Bellevue, WA Event 2011 
  • Obesity Help New Orleans, LA Event 2011
  • Obesity Help  Long Island, NY Event 2011
  • Obesity Help Carribean Cruise, March 2012

See?  We were having fun, damn it.

What’s ahead for this year?  

More of This New Calm.  I sort of like it.  

Lots of product-trying.  

Maybe some brain-fixing.

Perhaps a little weight loss.

And, then some fun and learning —

Events –


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