Emotional Obstacles after Weight Loss Surgery

With the discussion of post WLS suicide, I've been looking at information abot the psychological care of WLS patient –

From Bariatric Times

Discussion continues at conferences regarding the question, “What is success?” following bariatric surgery. The obvious answer would involve sufficient weight loss or improvement or resolution of serious comorbid conditions.

However, even if there is initial progress in these areas, the patient and surgeon may not recognize underlying psychological issues or emotional obstacles that may impede continued postoperative success.

The patient who initially loses the weight only to then later regain may not seek any professional help until it is too late or until the challenge for reversal becomes a daunting one.

Such underlying psychological issues or emotional obstacles may include the following:

• “Normal” depression with loss of the “familiar” body
• “Normal” depression and adjustments with a change in relationships
* As a result of jealousy from coworkers
* As a result of unsettling reactions from friends or family who cannot adjust to the new body or lifestyle of their loved one
* As a result of reactions by the spouse or partner due to feelings of jealousy or insecurity, particularly if the spouse is obese or has never known the patient at a lesser weight
• Anxiety as a result of increased attention from others
* Particularly from the opposite sex
* Especially if there is a history of sexual abuse
• Eating challenges related to “mind hunger” or loss of “comfort” eating.

But, beyond the "normal," what then?  What do you do? What if your obstacles are much bigger?  How do you AVOID desperation?  I think I'll be posting a lot about these topics, partly because I see a huge need, and because I was just asked to sweep it under the rug, for fear of "scaring a newbie." 

These things MUST be discussed, and although I might have laughed it off seven years ago, I get it now. 

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