Goodbye — and HELLO!

I'm off to Orlando tomorrow morning to attend ASMBS 2011.  

Picture 6

ASMBS holds giant meetings of professionals in the field of weight loss surgery:  bariatric surgeons, nurses, administration, registered dieticians, and lots and lots of vendors.  Last year there were more than 2500 attendees.   The pros have opportunities to take courses, share new material and research, network and meet with vendors for a week, off in the Florida sunshine.  

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I'll be there as a Brand Ambassador for Slimpressions during the Exhibition, because, I love my Slimpressions.  Come find me and ask me to show you my Slimpressions.  You'll note I am always showing my shapewear.  

Come find Slimpressions on Facebook!   Let them know I sent you!  

Admittedly — I'll also be busy jacking samples from my sponsors who always release NEW products for ASMBS and all the cool vendors for product discussions HERE on my blog.   I am always too excited about products.

I will check in via Facebook and Twitter, and hope to snag some laptop time for blogging during the week.  I have TMBTA (too much to possibly blog about but I shouldn't right now) syndrome, and the cure is some sunshine and a break.

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