Grateful. Thank you.

I ended the last post kind of blah.  It's just that I have watched, sort of from afar, the snowball effect of job loss.  I hate to play, 'what if,' but 'what if ' you are not prepared for the possibility of loss?  My spouse is the kind of guy that will go out and apply for a new job on the way home from getting laid off, of course there really isn't any other choice.  But, he will not slack.  He would sooner take the trash out at McDonald's than let us miss a mortgage payment, I know that.  (Technically, he did already, one of his first jobs – Assistant Restaurant Manager of a Mickey D's.)  This is not a man who will take one minute on the couch bereaving his loss. 

Maybe it is because I feel somewhat helpless because I cannot get out there and help out.  If we get in a situation – and Mama must work?  What then?   I can imagine what he would have to do to keep us afloat. (Don't even suggest what I would do as a single parent.  I have NO idea.)

Which brings me to this site.  Thank you, thank you for being here.  By having traffic on the site, I have been able to help my family.  You have no idea how good it feels to pay bills.  (Eww, I said that.) 

No, seriously, I haven't made a regular paycheck from outside work that was enough to pay actual bills since 2006.   I was fired from that job.  (It's in the archives.)  I found myself pregnant.

Working here and there gave pocket change, I worked 30 hours a week to buy the groceries in 2007. 

2008 brought immediate change.  In one day I was no longer able to go to work.  What now?

By having this blog, and the fact that YOU COME HERE has allowed me to contribute beyond being the primary diaper-changer and dinner maker.  ;)  I appreciate every single one of you, and every single click on my sponsors.  (Even Google thanks you, as Google pays my electric bill.)  I realize that a great portion of you reach the blog via feed readers and do not see the advertisements on my page, but know they are there and helping me immeasurably at this point.  I cannot depend on this, but for now, it's helping while I cannot go to work.  I am taking some of the income from the ads and paying it forward, of course paying bills, and starting new projects, which I will absolutely share with you.

I thank you.

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