Home from the BIG CUPCAKE!

I'm a little sleep-deprived here.  O-o  I got home from my trip to New York City at 5:00am and tried to sleep, and sort of failed at it and am now falling into a million little caffeinated pieces.  


So, HI!  How have you been?

Thanks to the Obesity Action Coalition and Ethicon Endo Surgery for having us to the city for the super event.  I mean that.  Porter Novelli, the public relations crew that set up the trip for all of us bloggers and online 'influencers' did a great job with everything and the event went so smoothly.

That was until it was OVER and the sky opened up and said, "You, stay in the airports!"  

Yes.  I  had to fly home with my head between my knees last night praying to Cheetos that I didn't seize out, throw up or implode.

I'll write more tomorrow, but I wanted to get my photos up today.

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