I have the itch.

It’s a good sign when I go outside and it’s 26 degrees, and it feels like a heat-wave and I have the urge to go walking.  That is a sign!  If it goes over freezing – I WILL get my sorry ass out there and walk this week.  I will.  

I keep giving the treadmill a glance when I walk by it to do laundry, but I just don’t use it.  Between my laziness for ACTUAL typical exercise, I can’t stand using it.  I am bored in about two and a half minutes and dizzy in five, and looking for glucose in thirty minutes.  At least outside, I feel like I have less of a chance of falling flat on my face, falling into traffic seems more pleasant.

Excuses, I haz ’em.

I also have a copy of Dancing with the Stars: Dance Body Tone:

…which could be the first exercise DVD I have owned since my VHS copies of Richard Simmon’s Sweatin’ To The Oldies and a Susan Powter one. 

All I know is that I had better get my ass moving if I want to continue blogging as post WLS “success” — nobody wants to watch a train wreck. Or maybe they do. 😡

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