I’m a sinner.

We went to the mall today.  The Lindt Chocolate store was gone.  I didn't look hard enough to see if it had simply moved, but I had a mini-celebration.  "Woot!  No truffles!  No truffles!"  I have a serious heart on for dark chocolate and dark chocolate truffles are my THING.  I don't buy them, they're not the SAME from the grocery store, I liked 'em FROM THE LINDT STORE.  But it's gone.  So there.  Fck you creamy melty chocolate.

However. let's discuss the irony of me purchasing The Complete Idiot's Guide to Eating Well After Weight Loss Surgery
(because I need proof that my G-D blog is in it, even if it's just a reference, because it will help me realize WTF I bother doing this, mmkay?)  and AT the register, "Oh, there's Godiva Dark!"  Yeah. Three bars climbed into my bag.

But, I paid for it in another form of indiscretion today.  On the way out of the mall, I was hungry. The kids and Dad went to lunch at Friday's, and since each time I've been there I have left SICK?  Not my happy place. I went and got my nails did instead.  Fck you Fridays.

By the time I walked by "you wan free sample?"  Yes, please!  Tristan was all done with the mall, frankly she was awful all day, and I just wanted OUT.  I ate approximately four pieces of "chicken" and maybe two bites of "pad thai" (not all free sample, I bought a to-go box) and spent the car ride home rocking back and forth.  I threw away the entire box when I got home.  I still feel guilt about wasting money on food like that, but WHATEVER.  Fck you "free sample chicken."

But, on the positive side today:  I weighed myself.  It's down seven pounds from that place in which I SCREAMED.  Baby steps, and little bites of chocolate.  I will never, ever be perfect.

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