I’m in the news for the OAC!

We would like to announce that our top recruiter was Beth Sheldon-Badore from Plymouth, MA. Beth recruited 156 new members to the OAC! She won a one week vacation getaway for two.

Beth chose to re-gift her grand prize to one of the people who she recruited. The lucky recipient of Beth's grand prize is Penney Vachon from Fennville, MI! Congratulations and special thanks to Beth for her tremendous effort.

OAC Member Corner
Beth Sheldon-Badore

My entire world has been touched by obesity. I grew up as an overweight child. I married an obese man. I have overweight and obese family members. Myself, my husband and several extended family members have had weight-loss surgery and I guarantee more family members will follow suit. We have had varying levels of success with weight-loss surgery and it makes me wonder, "what if?" What if we had more knowledge of the issues that led to our obesity prior to having bariatric surgery? While weight-loss surgery has helped us in immeasurable ways, losing thousands of pounds; we must teach our future generations how to avoid the triggers of obesity. I am concerned for the future health and well-being of our children, and education starts with us. 

Q: Why did you decide to go all out for the Membership Drive Contest?

Honestly, I saw the 50,000 number, and thought "Wow, that's a lot. We have to get on this, right. now." The current membership and viewing audience would need to be quite vocal.

Q: Were you surprised by how many people you were able to recruit to join the OAC?

No. I thought I would reach more. I think if I had more in-person contacts I would have. I am an at-home mom of four, and my only real adult contact is online via my social media outlets and my blog.

Q: Why do you tell your followers of your blog to join the OAC?

My peers are mostly post weight-loss surgery patients, who are quite likely to want to help out, join a cause and make a difference in the fight against obesity.

Q: In one word, describe the OAC. Advocacy

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