I’m on fire.

Hardly.  It's just that it was like 60 degrees today.  That is a heat wave.

We had to get out.  I'm two seconds from bribing these kids to join sports and getting a taxi to shuffle them back and forth.  You don't think I am serious do you? More than a little, until, well…never mind. 

ETA:  Another post roux en y patient emailed this morning, to share with me that she's fresh out of the hospital joining me in the ranks of the six month wait for a drivers' license.  She had a seizure last Monday, and she's not allowed to drive, and taking seizure medications.   I had a casual knowledge of this person, because she's a contact on Facebook and so forth.  It's wild, I've had several people that read the site have the same problem.  None of us know why – it's just totally random and entirely coincidental. What I mean is, none of us know if it's related to weight loss surgery.

Because, things like this keep happening:

Sit on your brothers head.


He wasn't hurt, much.

So we went out. Can't go shopping, cause:

Wal Mart Auction.

They're not closing (so far as we can tell, it seems they are "remodeling") but I get a kick out of signs.

Instead, we hit the water, and did this:

Recycled sign - under this it reads "No Parking Anytime."

And, I pondered the meaning of life.

I wish I knew, too.


Also, when spring would, you know, spring – sprung?


Because it's so dreary and muddy and ick. And more snow tomorrow, while we have some windows ripped out and put back in.  Good timing. 

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