Lose the weight AND keep it off?

People can lose weight and keep it off.  It's not just a tag-line.  

Although a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests otherwise. That, weight loss never EVER sticks — that those who diet will fail.  Most of us probably believe that, right?  

Dr. Koven at Boston.com, says that weight loss CAN be maintained, and that there are several reasons people maintain a weight loss.  Three things in particular –

They pay attention. Whether they are keeping food journals, weighing themselves every day, or simply planning meals, their weight loss goals are never far from their minds…ever.

They've found a reason to lose weight that is truly meaningful to them. Whether it's a new sport, a new grandchild, a health scare, or–most powerful–how much better they feel being thinner, they stay mindful of why they wanted to lose weight.

They take the long view. They lose weight slowly, roll with the ups and downs, steer clear of rigid goals and deadlines. They've signed up for a permanent change.

I guess I qualify as a long-term weight loss success.  Although I don't weigh myself every day or take on any obsessive habits about my weight, caloric intake, etc.  I DO PAY ATTENTION.  Every. single. day.  My loss is forefront in my mind ALL the time, with EVERY food choice and EVERY DAY.  I don't 

What say you?  Are YOU maintaining a long-term weight loss?  What of these habits have you picked up on?  

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