New Egg Beaters Flavor — Florentine

I'm reading egg PR this morning.  

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Conagra Foods is releasing a new flavor of Eggbeaters:  Florentine.  It will be available in big box  grocery stores later this month.   You can find it on the Congra website soon, it's not there yet.

Eggbeaters are a common post weight loss surgery food of choice with 4 grams of lean protein per serving, and the flavored options are cool.  I think this flavor in particular would make super mini-muffins and quiche-like snacks, or even in lasagna.


Egg Beaters is bringing a fresh idea to everyday breakfast routines with new Egg Beaters Florentine. Now a tasty, Italian-inspired meal is as easy as shake, pour, and scramble. Egg Beaters Florentine is the newest variety to join the line of flavored Egg Beaters and it makes a delicious entry. With a blend of spinach, tomato, onion, mozzarella cheese and Italian herbs, Egg Beaters Florentine is sure to spice up your everyday healthy breakfast routine.

Like all Egg Beaters varieties, our Eggs Florentine is made of real, all-natural egg whites and is the perfect solution for anyone looking to eat a filling breakfast without the extra cholesterol, fat or calories of shell eggs.

In fact, one serving of our Eggs Florentine contains 4 grams of filling lean protein for only half the calories of a shell egg.

"Consumers enjoy new variations of everyday foods, and current trends show Italian flavors are becoming more popular at breakfast," says Jill Dexter, Egg Beaters Brand Manager for ConAgra Foods. "For those who want to experience rustic Italian taste for fewer calories than an Italian breakfast made of real eggs, Egg Beaters Florentine provides a healthy and convenient solution in just one easy pour."

Egg Beaters Florentine provides a fresh take on eggs and is delicious in a variety of quick and tasty recipes, such as a spinach frittata or Italian breakfast sandwich.

For a savory brunch entree, try using Florentine to make Mini Mushroom Egg Bakes. Simply line muffin tins with thin slices of ham and fill with sauteed mushrooms and onions, cheddar cheese and Egg Beaters Florentine. Bake for 20 minutes at 375 degrees for a delicious breakfast treat.

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