One down.

After much fighting with the wheel brakes on the stroller – we did it.  Walked to the playground, a quick play, walked around in a field, and back home.  Just a quick jaunt, but seeing as I have not walked for the sake of you know, WALKING in forever, I started with a short trip. 

You have to understand I was all cracked out on Topamax.  That shit made me feet tingle and want to go-go-go.  I would sometimes walk just to try to shake the numbness off.  Now – I am not feeling it.  No tingles = good, but now I am quite lethargic, somewhat dizzy and just ick.  I didn't know what to expect by getting moving and going.  I was a bit spaced out.  Although I am pretty braindead much of the day – until its time to take more drugs.  That's how I know it's the meds causing it.  GAH.

I wish there were something, anything! out there that would keep me from flopping like a fish WITHOUT effecting other brain functions.  I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like for severe epileptics taking many meds at super high levels, here I am on three pills a day, saying, "Huh?"

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