Positivity Button Installation Failure.

Coraline_OtherMother-thumb-550x332-12845 You know what's fabulous?  Thirty days post exploratory surgery for an unknown abdominal pain, and the pain comes back.  

I suppose my "Positivity Button" is trying to come out.    It's weaseling it's way out of my lowest incision.  

My apologies Dr. T, positivity is not for me.  I cannot possibly shoot rainbows and butterflies out of me arse even with the "button" installed just beneath five laparoscopic incisions.    

Perhaps through my umbilicus?  It COULD HAPPEN.

The sutures are just about healed, the stitches are coming out enough to freak out my four year old.  She thinks that I am her Other Mother.

I called this morning and was able to get an appointment for THIS Friday to see another doctor in my town NOT all the way in Boston.  The woman on the phone started selling me the OB's based on child-birth experiences and I said, "NO, I have pain, I NEED A DOCTOR."  

And, I got one.  That has never happened so fast.  

Let's hope they want to take my baby factory out.  Because, if there isn't anything wrong (there is, I was already diagnosed with cysts and fibroids, but I didn't know that they could cause pain) I will need a homemade surgical kit.  Undiagnose-able is unacceptable.  I'm sick of it.

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