Post Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Diet Plans – Liquid Diet – Stages of Diet

Doctors and nutritionists may vary (some drastically) in terms of what kind of eating plan to follow AFTER your weight loss surgery procedure, but most have the same basic idea. 

In terms of product suggestions?  Some surgeons and nutritionists will point you to SPECIFIC products, most do not.  

A doctor may say, “You must use XYZ Protein,” but everything can be substituted.  A portion of doctors and hospitals sell products, and they may obviously point you TO those products.  Usually, they are great choices.  It’s up to you.

Follow your particular instructions of course, but here are some plans from other Bariatric Surgeons and nutritionists when you find yourself needing a reminder or re-start.

From Palo Alto Medical –

In all stages of the diet, it is especially important to drink enough water, and to take vitamin and mineral supplements as prescribed. You will progress through the stages spending approximately one week each on stage 1 and 2. Take five weeks to progress slowly through stage 3. You should expect to start eating regular foods at approximately six to eight weeks. Below is a summary of what to expect.

From Highland Hospital, download-able plans:

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