My bag is pretty much ready.  I don't know what else I can bring.  I always bring more than I need and never use anything. 

I got myself a better pair of headphones today (assuming I can use them) and I set up Google Video Chat on all the computers here so the kids can IM me at the hospital.   I never used it before – the video chat option – ever.  I have been online for years but I am still an internet moron.  Whoa.  That's crazy right there.  If you don't already have GMAIL, sign up. 

Because why wouldn't you want to chat with THIS?!  (Except if I actually answer this week – I'll have a very special hat on.)
Photo 1 Photo 3
Photo 8
Photo 5 

Note:   You can't look this purdy on GMAIL, that's just my special-ness shining through with my iMac.  :x  Thought I would disclaimerize that – unless someone knows a chat-program that has specialness?

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