Story of my life. Missing the bus. LOL.


Either we missed it, it came early, or not at all, but my 3rd grader had no bus to school today.  That means, we walked to school.  She got in a half-hour late, but she got there.  I wouldn't mind doing it every day, but where is FALL?  You know I am not a fan of sweat.  Walking in to drop a child off at school sporting a sweaty shirt (not sweat-shirt) is not that pleasant.

And, the school secretary says to the other, "This is Mrs. MM, she doesn'tdrive for MEDICAL REASONS" in a hushed tone, because she's got Mr. MM on the phone asking where the BUS was.

Tonight is open house at the middle school, and I've all but threatened Mr. to GET some time off to get ONE of us there, so we don't have a middle school child anarchy this afternoon. 

"But, you HAVE to GO!" 

Either he goes or I go, but if I go, he has to drive, and babysit, which means, he goes. 

And, this is how EVERY single thing goes! 

  • Kid misses bus, Dad is already 1/2 hour away from the house — he can't get her there — we walk.
  • Middle schooler misses bus?  They miss school.  Guess how fast they figure out HOW TO GET A DAY OFF?  Riiiiiight.
  • Mom needs to get to an appointment?  No, she just doesn't make one, because she can't get there.  Dentist/doctor… for myself or five others?  Sure, in six months, on a Monday, morning, for a half-hour.  Wait, no, how three months, on a Saturday?  Wait, no… I'm going to have to cancel.  Forget it.  See?   

Shutting up now.  The tyrant who is no longer in preschool DEMANDS, things.

It's always too complicated.  I just need a WIFE.

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