That's my new word.  Mine.  I'm owning it.  You can't have it.

Suck-cess [suhk-ses]

  • a half-assed attempt at doing something, and actually doing it, following through, 
  • "Walking on the treadmill was a suck-cess until your blood sugar tanked and you hopped off while dizzy and shaking."

But, it got done.  It got did, and you did not face plant, for twenty minutes anyway!  I had suck-cess!  So much in fact, before getting on the hamster wheel, I did approximately three quarters of an exercise DVD without the spins, because those make me suck-ceed much, much faster. *thud*

After coming back to life, I then proceeded to crash on the couch and watch a movie, and was sick for the rest of the night.  Suck-cess can be fun!

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