Jillian Michaels WLS is FLAT-OUT DANGEROUS.

“This is a really tricky question because there are a lot of people who feel that they couldn't have done it without these surgeries,” Jillian says.

“But I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t want to take away from the fact that there are people who have lost a good amount of weight from these surgeries, but that said, if you’re somebody who’s on the fence about it, it’s dangerous. Flat-out dangerous. Completely, 100-percent dangerous.”

Shit.  I'm on that fence.  WHAT DO I DO NOW?!

Jillian.  Must you say things like this?


MM Takes A Gym Tour And Blogs About It And Suze Orman Slaps Her In The Face

Mr. and I took the kids on a tour of a local gym this morning.

Gasp!  A…gym?  I know, I already heard about it via Facebook…  “No. way. you. did.”  We really did! 

“What’s wrong with you, Beth?!”  

I know.  Two wild and crazy things in the span of one week?  Are you mad?

No, not really.  Not… much?

I realized when we were on the Obesity Help Cruise that I don’t mind exercise — when I’m in a gym.

Why?  Because, I’ve got distractions galore:  via TV, music, and Other People Around Doing The Same Thing.   Certainly the fact that we were staring OUT INTO THE CARIBBEAN helped a little itty bitty, I am sure.  Even walking the track outdoors was no trouble at all.   Again — I was distracted by pretty things.

At home — I rarely follow through with exercise via treadmill because I start zoning out at the wall — and think about Getting Off Of This Thing and … ANYTHING to GET OFF OF THIS THING — HOW ABOUT LAUNDRY?  You said the toilet is clogged?  I’ll be right there!  SQUEE!

And I do.  I’ll make it 15 -20-30 minutes and quit.  But, in the context of a gym where you’re surrounded by folks trying not to quit — it’s easier.  Maybe it’s just me!  (I know it’s not.)  

This means we’ve been tossing around the idea of signing up the whole family for a gym membership.

 As much as I would like to just get up and go early in the morning by my SELF, it will never happen since I am not driving anymore.  We were members of one or two gyms years ago — right after we both had weight loss surgery — but at the time we were living with family for a while and it was easy to take turns going.  Now, not so much.  We would have to go as a group (which can be a big freaking deal…) because there isn’t any swapping off anymore — and we don’t have babysitters.

We would have to go at night or on the weekends — which will end up being whatever teenagers that will GET UP AND GO and somehow wrangling the younger two into a class at the same time.

I pretty much realize that it’s impossible AND totally worth it, simultaneously.  

My ten year old was bouncing off the walls in there:  “I SO want to DO THIS, I could take swimming lessons, and I could do THIS and then we could do THIS!”  My 13 year old didn’t complain, and I saw him eyeing the weights like “I could do this.”  

The frugal MM says it’s a waste of money, because she is all too realistic and know what happens when people buy gym memberships.  And those who buy memberships that can’t really get to the gym more than 1-2 times a week?  Huge waste of disposable income.  Suze Orman would SLAP YOU IN THE FACE.  “Go play outside you morons.”  I know she’d say it.

But as Dr. Phil says, “How’s that working for you?”  

Um.  It’s not.  It never really has.  I have a hard time just getting up and going because my preferred exercise is walking outdoors — and since I have random seizures — I’m fearful of walking alone.

The sometimes Motivated MM knows it’s worthwhile if it GETS US MOVING because moving is the goal, and what matters and who cares if it’s $$$.$$ a month?  And she also saw herself in the full-body mirror without Slimpressions AT THE GYM and wanted to jump on the treadmill immediately.   Then I realize How Motivating It IS — if I came home and posted about all the good things I would do – and the benefits I’d get from working out – and how many potential people might be motivated too?  

PS.  And the bizarrely analytical  MM already did the math and realized that it’s about .88 cents to $1 per day per person in the family for such a membership, and that doesn’t seem like much at ALL, but when she considers that might only be used once a week some weeks — it seems like a lot more — and WHAT IF WE DON’T GO AT ALL?!  Yes, I have to make it worthwhile or I won’t bother.  So there’s that.

Oh, I suppose I should add the cost of the protein shake I HAD TO have on the way out?  That would really… uh… add up.



Nasogastric Tube Feeding Crash Diet for Brides and More! Get one! O-o

Feeling a little chubby before your big day?  Are you horrified that you might waddle down the aisle on your wedding day?  Is your fiancee upset by your love-handles?  

Forget your typical crash diets, forget the Weight Watchers, nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Slim-Fast, Medifast, The Cookie Diet, even drinking horse urine… you can now —

…GET A FEEDING TUBE!   The K-E Diet costs $1500 for ten days and those willing to wear a tube in their nose 24-7 will be rewarded with weight loss of up to 20 pounds.


A nasogastric tube better known as a NG tube, is a tiny flexible tube that carries calories/medicines medicine to the stomach through the nose.   It is often used for tiny infants who cannot take in enough nutrition on their own, and those who can’t – for a variety of reasons – ingest solids for an extended period of time.  Sometimes bariatric surgery patients require a tube-feed if they become malnourished due to a functional issue with the weight loss surgery procedure.   At times a NG Tube is used due to a psychological inability to take in oral calories, and malnourishment.  It’s usually for REFEEDING, not WEIGHT LOSS.

Such as eating disorders like anorexia

  • The patient is less than or equal to 85% ideal body weight (IBW).
  • The patient has experienced greater than 1 month severe restriction (less than 500 calories per day) prior to admission.
  • The patient is severely restricting fluid intake and needs the NG tube to maintain hydration status.

No longer a is a nasogastric tube for the medically fragile person, it’s for the crash dieter!  How, exciting?  Go, get one?  (Please understand my level of sarcasm here.)

An article in the NY times shares a variety of crash-diets for the Bride-To-Be, including the tube feeding option which is something new to the United States.

Dr. Oliver R. Di Pietro has been offering what he calls a K-E diet at his modest clinic in Bay Harbor Islands, Fla., since last July.

It uses a nasogastric tube (a tube that goes through the nose and down the esophagus into the stomach) to provide all nourishment, with no carbohydrates for 10 days. Dr. Di Pietro said body weight is lost quickly through ketosis, the state in which the body burns fat rather than sugar. 

“Any extreme low-calorie diet is associated with side effects, kidney stones, dehydration and headaches,” Dr. Aronne said, “and if you lose muscle mass and water, what’s the point of that?”

Dr. Scott Shikora, the director of the Center for Metabolic Health and Bariatric Surgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, said: “Putting a tube in one’s nose, it’s not always comfortable and pleasant. And this has to be medically supervised.”

Dr. Shikora was the director of Bariatric Surgery at the hospital I had my gastric bypass at 8 years ago, and was also the President of the ASBMS a couple years ago.  He knows how to help people lose weight.  

Dr. Shikora also said any caloric restriction will lead to weight loss.

“The novelty is, they shove a tube in your nose,” he said.  “It doesn’t matter if it’s through a tube, a straw, a meal plan,” he said. “They all work, if someone goes from 3,000 calories a day to 800.”

Which is why WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY WORKS.  What do WLS patients do?  We go from 3000+ calories per day to 0 calories, to about 500-800 calories for many months.  WLS can be described the most severe crash diet you ever go on.

Tube feeding — delicious.   Makes me want to go get one to lose my last 20+ lbs.  o-O  I am sure people whom have had to have a NG tube, or had to help a child or family member with one… would just love to try that again. 

PS.  Edited to add.  If you’ve already HAD weight loss surgery, do not even THINK about it.

Screen Shot 2012-04-14 at 9.19.50 AM


Study – Successful Weight Loss Among Obese U.S. Adults – How?

What WORKS to lose weight?  

Most of you know that weight loss surgery often works in the long term to lose weight, but not everyone (No, really…)  is a candidate for surgery

 Also, in the long-term it's not unusual for bariatric surgery post ops to again embark on diet plans to lose regained weight.  Shocking, I know!

What works?  What can we do to lose weight successfully?

Not fad diets.  Also, SHOCKING?  /end sarcasm 

If you want to lose weight, eat less fat, exercise more, and prescription weight loss pills.  Wait, really?  

That's what works?  Apparently, according to a new study from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.


"Researchers analyzed data from more than 4,000 obese people over the age of 20 with a body mass index of 30 or more and then interviewed them one year later. Over half of them were trying to lose weight when the study began. By the end of the study, 40 percent said they lost at least 5 percent of their body weight, while 20 percent of participants lost 10 percent or more.

Among the participants who shed pounds, they often reported working out and eating fewer fatty foods. Those who were in weight loss programs lost even greater amounts of weight.

Duh.  Right?  More from CBS

What didn't work? Those people who participated in popular diets, liquid diets nonprescription weight loss pills and diet foods/products didn't see the scale tip in the right direction.

"It's very encouraging to find that the most of the weight loss methods associated with success are accessible and inexpensive," senior author Dr. Christina Wee, co-director of research in the division of general medicine and primary care at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center,  said in the statement.

"There are lots of fad diets out there as well as expensive over-the-counter medications that have not necessarily been proven to be effective, and it is important that Americans discuss product claims with their doctor before trying such products."

No fad diets.  Did you read that?  Stop it.

The study –

Successful Weight Loss Among Obese U.S. Adults
May 2012, Vol. 42, No. 5

Background: Little is known about weight control strategies associated with successful weight loss among obese U.S. adults in the general population.

Among those attempting weight loss, 1026 (40%) lost 5% and 510 (20%) lost 10% weight after adjustment for potential confounders, strategies associated with losing 5% weight included eating less fat; exercising more; and usingprescription weight loss medications 

Eating less fat; exercising more; and using prescription weight loss medications were also associated with losing 10% weight, as wasjoining commercial weight loss programs.

Adults eating diet products were less likely to achieve 10% weight loss Liquid diets, nonprescription diet pills, and popular diets had no association with successful weight loss.


A substantial proportion of obese U.S. adults who attempted to lose weight reported
weight loss, at least in the short term.  Obese adults were more likely to report achieving meaningful weight loss if they ate less fat, exercised more, used prescription weight loss medications, or participated in commercial weight loss programs.


Off I go! Wish me seizures.

Updated – Today I go in to the Neurology Unit at my hospital for up to ten days (feel free to shoot me instead) of video EEG testing.

“Oh, another vacation!  You must be so excited.”

No.  Actually.  It’s just frustrating.  No bathing for a week, eating hospital foods and doing. nothing. at. all.  

The goal is to come off of my seizure medicine and HAVE seizures while hooked up to the gadgetry. Wish me seizures. I know that sounds crazy, but if I seize, I can come home. I’ve asked my friend Wendy to give me disturbing news via text or phone once I am settled in — because while it’s a long shot — stress COULD help. I know. Nuts.

I finally went to the neurologist’s office today, after a very long stretch of missed, forgotten and canceled appointments.  First thing —

Shift the Focus – Weight Discrimination

"Lazy. Stupid. Worthless. From news media and magazines to professional conferences and government reports, these are the words often used to describe overweight and obese individuals. The endorsements of such stereotypes often lead to extreme weight loss practices which can induce feelings of guilt and shame. Despite the robust research demonstrating the negative impacts of weight-based discrimination, the stigma of obesity has yet to be addressed as a legitimate concern. Shift the Focus questions the science informing us about weight. It questions how and when weight discrimination became acceptable? Shift the Focus is about reclaiming our right to health and well being regardless of our size. Shift the Focus is about putting an end to weight-based discrimination."