TLC’s The Real Skinny

TLC's newest special THE REAL SKINNY, premiering on Monday, March 12 at 10 PM ET/PT, will take viewers on the emotional journey of a man and woman who have decided to undergo skin removal surgery.

At an event many months ago I was approached to take photos and fill out paperwork for this show.  I had no idea that it was actually going to materialize, and I didn't follow through.  (I, uh… fail to do things like that.)

If you recognize the brave girl in the clip, that's because that's Sarah!  She's Sarah Will Be Skinny from Youtube, Facebook and the WLSFA and this clip just made it all very real — she's showing the last of her journey on TV.

OMG.  Overwhelming.   I set my DVR.

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The Virtual Choir. Uh, Wow?

The Virtual Choir project began as a simple experiment in social media, but it seems to have grown into something much bigger than I ever dreamed possible. The latest video has gone ‘viral’, and the video looks like it’s well on its way to 700,000 views, maybe more.”  

– Composer, Eric Whitacre

All of the singers uploaded videos of themselves singing different parts of the song to YouTube, following the lead of composer and conductor Eric Whitacre.

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