Thank you and g’nite!

This is what we did last night.  I pressed record on my brand-new camera – and this came out.  

Also – a few of these:  

I have no idea what I am doing, and I really want to find a class.

THANK YOU SANTA CLAUS!  PS.  I told you NO. GIFTS. THIS. YEAR.  (As we eat Ramen Noodles until Easter.)

My 15 year old got a baby-Nikon from Santa, and we are going to attempt to send it back to Santa's elves to exchange for the equally-priced DSLR D3100 instead of this Ashton Kutcher branded J1. We Are Not Impressed.  At all.   It must be said that this child has had access to a D50, D80 and D300 — so the J1 seems a little like a Sony Cybershot or a camera-phone.

My 13 year old is now the proud owner of a Yamaha electronic drumkit — which works with a headset – to keep the sanity level at 'moderate' in our household while he can create future deafness and rhythms.

The 10 year old got a Kindle Fire HD and a TV, and my youngest was the most happy with a simple moon that lights up on her wall. We could have given her a box.  I've decided age six is the LAST year that holiday giving is easy. 

Though, remind me to tell you about how we Started Going To Church (Unitarian Universalist service, we don't celebrate…. anything….) this year – and my youngest lit her hair on fire?

Yay, holidays!

I hope you're well.


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