This Is How You Know We Have Many Phone Numbers Now.

8/22/11 2:43 PM 3 days ago – A voicemail transcription – from Google and my daughter:

Hello. Hey, Hello Beth, this is. I hope you're doing and then How many. How to today HI, This is Conley, Because, The. Because is fine. Some offering he two free coupon, For you, and someone And I don't remember. The other member has to be. 10. And okay and Sunday. 10. 4948 So if you don't know, You can't answer a friend. Just, or a friend's daughter. If you can be. 30. 18 Give me in the twenties and thirties, or 10 tonight. So you have to playing your friend. And like to meander 40 I want to call. You can ask when your friends. And and go on and get that I have a nice day going to the Hilton Garden Inn, press one if you heard this message, press, til. If you haven't heard it at R O Hi. The A Yes. You want per kid. Not quite. Press. 4. If you want. I was to deliver food to your helps, press. Just type in your phone number and have a nice day bye.

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