This is why sometimes I think I need to go to work.


Today, in a very short time span, a certain small person got into a few things.





FYI, if it matters to you, this is a dirty non-functioning stove.  It came with the house, we have no plans to use it.  In fact, we'd like to remove it and replace it, but probably not until next heating season. 

I wish we had done it before we moved in, because IT IS SO COLD.  But.  I do have to wonder, Was she looking for the cremated ashes of Santa?  I did not ask.  I was trying not to laugh, because, then she will try this again.   Shortly after this, she took a salt shaker off the counter, and seasoned all of the floors.  I have been vacuuming for hours. 

Fun.  Fun.  Fun.


*PS.  The caveat is that I need a ride to a physical job location.  Will work, but need ride.  Will work for ride?  Wait, although, after seeing the cost of a taxi to the airport in the city from my house, it's probably the same as a paycheck.

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