Concert, miso and a rambling survey.

Today my oldest daughter was in a concert with the local Philharmonic Orchestra, in a select Children's Chorus.  They were awfully cute, and the orchestra – WOW.  They featured a fourteen year old piano player, amazing talent.  No photos, cameras were not allowed.  I hope my daughter got a little influence from this – it was quite an experience – something you don't always get to do.  Like my mother said, she might not have had this opportunity in my previous town, this is something that happens in a big town.  I hope it helps her show a deeper interest or more push to practice, either voice or instrument, because she's doing both very casually.  She's also joined a couple after school clubs, because of the late-bus, she can.  (THANK GOODNESS.)   

I hope that the other kids follow suit and find interests here.  I would really like to see my boy find a sport.  He says, "Isn't the Lego club enough?"  Uh, yeah, but… when are we going to move around?

I think we're going to suck it up and send them to day-camp for a few weeks this summer.  Just to get them out of this god-forsaken house and yard to PLAY.  There are NO kids here.  Nobody to play with but each other.   Without the mom-taxi this summer is going to suck way worse than last year – because they're not only stuck, but stuck here with nobody.  (Do you hear the whining?)  Can you imagine?  In the house – no friends.  (WAHHHH!)

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