UK Surgeon – 10,000 Kids Need Gastric Bands

Dr. Ashton, a medical director in the UK thinks obese teenagers would benefit from being banded. He suggests that since "diets don't work," that he might as well band everybody. 

Uh.  What?  Can you imagine when/if doctors in the US took a stance like this?  Millions of young kids with bands, and Dr. Ashton suggests that their national health insurance pay for each UK kid who "needs a band."    It's an overwhelming thought to say the least.

What do you think?

Daily Star UK

Dr Ashton, medical director at healthcare organisation Healthier Weight, said: “There is a group of young people with serious weight problems for whom the only effective treatment is going to be surgical intervention.

“I’d say at least 10,000, or even several times that amount.

“Some of them are suicide risks. Should we wait until they’re 18, have failed at school, already have diabetes and heart problems?”


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