Which makes no sense.

I don't "cook" often.  In the sense of preparing, chopping, making, much of anything aside from kid-friendly meals of baked chicken, turkey, beef, etc.  Nothing ever very special or what I want.  My kids are beyond picky.  One who won't eat anything but chicken, turkey, beef and carbs that are recognizable, he knows when I try to slip him something different, "What IS this?"  (Or if given the choice, cold cereal.)
I wanted a freaking boiled dinner.  While shopping last week – there were like three smoked shoulders left in the meat case.  These do not come in a petite size.  I now have a hugantic piggy on my stove, and ain't nobody gon eat it.  Perhaps two of my kids will give it a try, my oldest and youngest will at least pick at it.  My husband, no way.  He might pick a carb out of the pot, but then it will taste "porkish."  LOL.

It makes no sense, and is a huge waste.  After I pick at it for a couple days, the dog will be in hog heaven.

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